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LeRoy “GRANNY” Grannis
The New York Times dubbed him “The Godfather of Surf Photography.”

Leroy Grannis Vintage Surf Photography San Onofre 1963A surfer from an early age, it wasn’t until his late thirties that Grannis took up photography as a hobby, and for a decade or so became one of the most iconic lens man of the times – giving him a nod into the International Surfing Hall of Fame in 1966… 

leroy-grannis-surf-photographer1969, LeRoy Grannis surfing Hermosa Beach with a Calypso amphibious camera. Photo John Grannis

Leroy Grannis retro surf photographerLeroy Grannis Flatbed Truck.LoggingGrannis passed away at the age of 93 in February 2011, with a rewarding life behind him, he left a brilliant legacy of photography chronicling Californian surf culture in the 60’s and 70’s.   Source : Cohabitaire

Leroy Grannis LongboardLeroy Grannis 70's SurfingLeroy Grannis Hermosa No74All Photography © LeRoy Grannis

LEROY GRANNIS  Born: 1917, Hermosa Beach, CA

Grannis began shooting surf-culture images on 22nd Street in Hermosa in 1960 as a hobby at the suggestion of a family doctor. His work immediately appeared in the important surf culture magazines of the time including Surfer, Reef and Surfing Illustrated.

Schooled by California’s first surf photographer “Doc” Ball, Grannis would soon be hailed as one of the only photographers to capture the true essence of the surf culture that spread up and down the California coast — and the world — beginning in the 1960s.

According to Brad Barrett, former ‘Surfer’ photo editor :  Grannis, “Granny’” differentiated himself from the other surf photographers of his day by using a very slow, fine-grain, low contrast film that he pushed up to the speed the others used.
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Bio – Ben Rubi Gallery

LeRoy Grannis : August 12th 1917 — February 3 2011
Hermosa Beach

—  Long live his images  —

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