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2U7A4977 copy ahoy wall:la marzoc2U7A5728 Jai's painting in progressA H O Y  T R A D E R  
in a joint venture with
 S P A R R O W  C O F F E E  ✧
In unison they opened their doors on Macrossan Street,
Port Douglas on June 5th 2015.

Through the louvered front windows of the ‘Trove’
[definition: a store of valuable or delightful things]
the scene is of a salty, tropical, beach house vibe.
With homewares and art beckoning to deck your walls, along with relaxed easy flowing fashion, to make you feel at home on the beach, jetty or the deck of a yacht.
All marinating with the wafts of fresh grinds from
the Sparrow Coffee Crew,
serving up the Allpress bean, with super sonic speed.

The banter and good vibrations from the two teams under the one wooden beamed roof,

is one of a relaxed feel.  You may want to take your ‘coffee on the fly’
– or maybe you’ll rest a while and take in the scene… 

2U7A5705 pompom trays2U7A4971 through the green

2U7A5321 anchor cross soap2U7A5294 cross wall + sparrow2U7A4969 copy ahoy2U7A5691 cinque:tiles:coffee2U7A5267 louvres view2U7A5270 paradise - gascoigne2U7A5268 outside louvres2U7A5302 good vibrations2U7A5299 table + sparrow2U7A5021table2U7A5134 cross wall bulb light 2U7A4989 hope:la marzoc 2U7A5030 copy hope blur:sparrow 2U7A5032 copy sparrow to Ahoy window2U7A5633 St Marys by the Sea2U7A5039 chairs-tiles2U7A4944 sunny louvre2U7A5465.jpeg cup + tiles + zimi This joint venture began as an idea between the two businesses from the beachside town of Byron Bay. The brainchild of Jai Vasicek who spent his childhood years in Port Douglas and the three directors of Sparrow Coffee, Tristan & Kassia Grier and Brooke Hudson.

The aforementioned three are also the creators behind the award winning Harvest Cafe in Newrybar.
Sparrow is their takeaway version of the delicious coffee by Allpress served at Harvest, with the flagship Sparrow Bangalow opening over a year ago, followed by the Byron Bay nest which opened in January 2015.
Coffee on the Fly, with consistently tasty brews made by friendly baristas; and fast.
The idea has taken off here in Port Douglas too, with the beans being extracted from 6am.

Ahoy Trader opens its stylish doors at 9am, so if you’re there for an early coffee you just might be guilty of pressing your nose to the glass louvre windows taking in the wares lovingly displayed.
The best plans are made whilst sipping your coffee on the front patio featuring the stunning turquoise tiles by
Jatana Interiors and envisaging this idyllic tropical lifestyle in your own home.

All photos by
@Handsome Citizens 

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What Others Are Saying

  1. Lyn roworth June 25, 2015 at 6:02 am

    Beautiful looking store. Can’t wait to go to Port Douglas for a visit. Well done!

    • Trace June 25, 2015 at 4:05 pm

      Thanks for leaving a comment Lyn, it is indeed a beautiful store, glad it has inspired you to visit…Trace x

  2. Nik Raymond July 16, 2015 at 7:59 am

    Just up on Holidays – Best coffee I could find in Port Douglas and awesome designs/artwork in Ahoy trader.

  3. Don Conway August 6, 2015 at 4:41 pm

    we are deaf couple and dame to see your shop yesterday and lynne likes two things are large picture in the sea thins and small picturebin the palm tree.

    So she would offer you if you acfept her to pay $170.

    please let me know if agreement ajd we would come tomorro2mto see you. What time closed?




  4. Le Anne Wilson May 19, 2016 at 5:12 pm

    Hi everyone,
    I would love to purchase your circular mermaid picture. Is it possible to pay over the phone and have it posted to me as I live in Avoca Beach Nsw

    Le Anne Wilaon

    • Trace May 19, 2016 at 7:01 pm

      Hi Le Anne,
      Thank you for being in touch! Handsome Citizens are not stockists of Jai Vasicek’s art and homewares…although we should be!!…but he does have an on-line store. If you go to his website http://www.ahoytrader.com I think you should be able to purchase from him directly. Failing that I would suggest calling Ahoy Trader in Byron Bay or Port Douglas, to make a phone order. I hope you receive your Mermaid soon, and glad that we inspired you!
      All the best from us,
      Handsome Citizens

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