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Posted on May 29, 2013 by Trace

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For those more athletic types wanting to ‘move’ with yoga, how would you sway them?
Yoga provides a safe and very versatile approach to exercise. It can be practiced by people of any body type, weight or height, and is wonderful for people recovering from injuries or even during pregnancy. Establishing a regular Yoga practice will definitely improve your flexibility, and this will help in your day to day tasks, even walking, or sitting will become easier and more natural as you let go of tightness and tension within the body. Practicing on a regular basis will also allow you to improve your “body-feeling” or understanding of what makes your body feel amazing, and what just doesn’t work for you. This might come down to your diet, your sleeping patterns, and even your relationships at work, at home or socially.

Where did your passion for Yoga begin?
I first discovered yoga through the gym, and then when I started trying out some Yoga studios I realised just how much more there was to it than just the physical exercise component. To me it is the perfect kind of exercise – it makes you strong, keeps you fit, and feels amazing both while you are doing it and for hours afterwards.

How does Yoga help you on a daily basis?
YOGA has the ability to turn an average day into feeling on top of the world. I lead a really busy life and have a demanding job as an environmental engineer, so when I discovered the peace and stillness that the breath work and meditation can provide, I knew it was for me.

Why is yoga so important & beneficial for your health & wellbeing?
Depending on which type of Yoga you practice, it can provide you with the cardio fitness, strength training and weight bearing (which is great for bone density as well and building or maintaining muscle mass), and of course – flexibility. Yoga exercises the cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system, and the respiratory system, and can provide you with a strong core and supple spine. It also teaches us to be mindful and listen to our own body’s unique needs.

Meditation is gaining a wide respect in the health industry, what are the benefits?
Meditation has many proven benefits for the brain and body including clearer thinking, better emotional and spiritual balance, a sense of fulfilment and happiness, relaxation, improved memory function, and less focus on the idea of “me”, and rather a feeling of oneness and existing in the present moment.

Nicole is one of HC’s preferred teachers in Brisbane.  You can catch a class with her at New Farm Power Yoga @ 152 James Street Brisbane, Sunday’s 5pm, but get there early, her classes are always well attended & bursting with a dynamic energy.

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