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Posted on June 22, 2014 by Trace

A S H L E Y  L L O Y D 

Ashley Lloyd is a woman surfer who not only brings grace, beauty and style to the line-up she is also one of few women who shapes surfboards and who owns her own shaping business.

With equal artistic brilliance she also adds these other talents to her personal achievements list: Surf Instructor, Artist, and talented Guitarist/Musician.
In the male-dominated surfing/surfboard shaping world its great to see Ashley carving her own path from the kelp-infested waters of Santa Cruz….☟

Ashley Lloyd pearls of wisdom:
“Try not to use unnecessary plastics, take care of this environment so that it can continue to take care of you, don’t shop at Walmart, love your neighbour, don’t abuse things, take up smiling as a hobby, recycle, don’t dump your kitty litter into the ocean because it makes otters go mental, support education, quit smoking, spend quality time with the people, get exercise, take time to meditate, buy art, use your talents, read, don’t always trust Fox News, do the right thing for the well-being of this planet.”

Story: Full Interview can be read over at
Liquid Salt Mag 
Photo 1: O Magazine. Photo 2: Jeremiah Kille 

Ashley was recently featured in Dear & Yonder, an ocean odyssey Surf Movie featuring many aspiring female surfers/ocean dwellers:
Trailer and website for
— a Female Ocean Odyssey —

To have a custom made surfboard shaped by Ashley Lloyd in collaboration with Dear & Yonder and
find out more

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