Autumn in Sydney – Petrol @ Potts Point

Posted on April 19, 2013 by Trace

Petrol The Porridge


Enjoying this glorious Autumn morning in Sydney, April’13; leaves turning copper, air feeling crisper, skies looking bluer, the coffee tasting warmer to my insides. Stumbled upon a Cafe I hadn’t noticed before, after 12 years of spending time in Potts Point it was nice to mix it up with my traditional favourites. The menu boasted a porridge that was rated as one of Sydney’s top 10 by Broadsheet magazine; ‘The Porridge’ mixed with coconut, sunflower seeds, sultana’s, poppy seeds, cinnamon, topped with berry & date compote, stewed apples & Greek yoghurt.. it was ticking all my boxes. Needless to say, it’s earning it’s position & I think could rate in top 5, in the Country & I do my share of coffee & brekky partaking, country-wide of this golden land of ours.
If you’re in the neighbourhood stop by Petrol “Located on the border of Kings Cross and Potts Point, Petrol represents a quirky confluence of both areas, offering the vibrancy of the Cross, whilst retaining the quaint sophistication of Potts Point” as written by Broadsheet…  & let HC know if you agree?!

petrol  petrol cafe view


Photos by HC & Petrol website

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