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Posted on February 17, 2014 by Trace

Yesterday we were invited to
M I C K ‘ S  P L A C E
B A L I 

to attend an information session with
T A S  P A S A R 
a campaigner in the fight against plastic bag pollution on Bali beaches.

Image via Surfer Mag of Bede Durbridge
battling the plastic somewhere in Indo

Mick’s Place Bingin supporting re-useable market bags

We witnessed a shocking slide show presented by 8 year old Oscar, educating those gathered, on the terrible reality of the damage, plastic bags are causing to these beautiful beaches. The very same beaches that Australians and many other Nationalities hold close to their hearts, spending a considerable amount of holiday time each year flocking to, for their beauty and World acclaimed surf spots.

The presentation was received well by those (mainly the local Bingin Village staff of Villa’s and beach Warungs) who attended. Mick’s Place and Bali Retreats have made an initial investment in bags to distribute to the local Villas, Warungs, and Markets, who have agreed to support the use of the re-useable market bag, and the on-going cause.

8 year old Oscar led the presentation with
very little assistance from his Dad

TasPasar.HandsomeCitizens6Tas Pasar [Indonesian translation Market Bag] make re-useable shopping bags, distributing them to the Warungs & Markets for free, encouraging the use of these instead of plastic bags.

Above : This mess ended up on the beach, after being washed
off the streets into water ways after the heavy
rains of the wet season Jan ’14

Please help Tas Pasar in their fight to clean up the Bali beach’s from plastic bag litter.
If you love Bali and surfing in clean oceans you can help, by donating here:

Funds raised are for a 30 second Anti Littering Campaign to run on prime-time Bali TV, in a bid to drive change on a local level.
The price is Rp300,000 ($30Aud) per 1 play in prime time. If they raise $10,000 it can be aired every day for 1 year.

Your spare change could make a huge difference! 
[Watch the 30 sec advert in the YouTube clip above]

 Above : Local surf champion Dede Suryana takes on the
challenge of surfing through trash via

Photo’s by Handsome Citizens
Campaign pics via Tas Pasar

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