TA: I go to bed in happy anticipation of breakfast & coffee, my favourite meal of the day! The feeling of the morning sun on my face & a juicy lengthening stretch in a yoga class.

OC: We are stalking you  {in a loving, totes not creepy way} – what will we see?

TA: My body clock wakes me around 7 – 7:30am. Yoga and a breakfast ritual of coconut chia porridge.

Then I get down to business posting across several social media platforms for my clients.  Working alone has the downside [although it can also be a plus!] of a lack of daily conversations to indulge in with workmates, so I find it a necessity to partake in a yoga class which gives me a sense of community.  

Whether I’m in Byron Bay, Melbourne or travelling I take a break for morning Yoga. As well as the human interaction I crave the physical movement. It gives me time to get out of my mind, be in my body, and be liberated from my devices.

If I’m travelling, with no option for a yoga class, I practice yoga solo or take a beach walk/jog.
After class I’m sooo ready for coffee & sunshine, and all the happier if I can indulge in them simultaneously.  Here I procaffeinate, checking emails, clients social pages & looking after my own media platforms @thehandsomecollective.

The Handsome Collective Byron Bay | Interview by The Owners Collective Lunch : Another day, another egg – I share my love around my fav neighbourhood cafes, partaking in the perfect poached egg.

Late afternoon : if I’m in Byron Bay I’ll go to the beach for a swim, walk/jog up to the lighthouse, or in Melbourne, I jog Fitzroy Gardens; some photo editing, food shopping. If I’m working on an interview/story for the blog I’ll spend time emailing with the interviewee’s and writing/proofing for the website.

By Thursday or Friday we’re ready to eat out  with friends, too often we partake in the kitchens of nearby restaurants. With so many options serving up healthy & locally sourced produce the food choices in both Byron & Melbourne are always tempting, and any excuse will do, to head out!

OC: What kick ass daily habits do you have that would make Tim Ferris jealous?

TA: Yoga, walking and several times a week a jog, mixed in with a lighthouse climb. Salt h20 – getting in the ocean cures everything.

A healthy breakfast with all the superfoods of the moment. I make it the night before with a mix of: chia seeds, goji berries, walnuts, loads of cinnamon, blueberries, pawpaw, prunes, pepita & sunflower seeds, soaked in coconut quench overnight.
A daily dose of Olive Leaf extract. I began taking this in the early days of working as a flight attendant, which was my counter attack in prevention of picking up every little germ in the recycled air, enclosed cabin. And lots of water.

Coffee, red wine, and dark chocolate; they have health benefits right? [wine and chocolate, not daily but whenever self-diagnosed necessary!]

OC: EPIC books + podcasts that have blown the matrix of your mind?

TA: ‘Let my people go surfing’ – the autobiography of Patagonia’s founder/owner Yvon Chouinard. We have huge admiration for this business. With products offering quality craftsmanship, supporting the environment and looking after their employees with the best work culture going; flexible hours and time to indulge in surf or other outdoor activities. Such inspirational business ethos.

‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ by Richard Bach [published in 1970]
“He was not bone and feather but a perfect idea of freedom and flight, limited by nothing at all” ― Richard Bach

With themes of rebellion, following your heart, individuality and freedom seeking, Jonathan captivated me.

‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ – A story that has stayed with me since the 80’s, introduced to me by my mum. At the time she had reinvented her life, recently uprooting from NZ to Australia. As a single mother with teenage children, in the 80’s this was a pretty gutsy move.  She is a firm believer of being responsible for your own happiness. Whether by changing your mind-set, circumstances or location if they’re not serving you.

Also inspiring me are the ‘Podcasts by Pru Chapman’, from Owners Collective e-course. Mind-opening and content rich. I got so much from Pru’s simple techniques to kick-start your own business.

Sparrow Coffee photo | The Handsome Collective OC: What’s your coffee religion and how do you worship?

TA: And worship I do! My life revolves around finding a satisfying dose. I like it strong – Double shot flat white, ¾’s full. [for a killer cup of coffee to grab on the fly in Byron Bay & Bangalow, I live for Sparrow Coffee]

If there’s a second cup, I’ll linger over it pre-lunch. Either a Piccolo or in summer I might switch it up to a cold drip on ice, with a dash of coconut milk.

OC:  You’re a fictional character = who + why?

TA: Peter Pan! Or maybe Tinkerbell – to be able to tinker and make things + live in Never Land. Who doesn’t want to fly, never get old, nor grow up?!

OC: What’s on your plate comin’ up and how tasty will it be?

The Handsome Collective Byron Bay | Interview by The Owners Collective Splitting time between Byron Bay and Bingin, Bali. 
Work travel between clients locations. Exploring Bali and further afield in the Indonesian archipelago.  

Currently working toward an increase to our portfolio and offerings, and expanding our Social Media services.

Interview by Melanie Fawcett
published here on The Owners Collective in 2016
Photography by
The Handsome Collective – Tracee Annetts

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