S L I M  A A R O N S
‘Attractive people, doing attractive things,
 in attractive places’ 
 —  Slim Aarons mantra

Slim Aarons iconic photo of the Kaufman HouseSlim Aarons [called “Slim” because of his slender body] whose real name is George Allen Aarons, photographed many of the most famous faces of the late 20th century. Continue Reading →

J u k e b o x 

 inspired by the global day of Love just passed and the god-like devotion to Marley, we witnessed on the Gili Islands, Indonesia.

“My music will go on forever. Maybe it’s a fool say that, but when me know facts me can say facts. My music will go on forever.”  ― Bob Marley

Bob Marley- 19

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Taking a look back at one of our long-loved movie soundtrack,
recently celebrating its 21st birthday…

T U E S D A Y  T U N E S

Love it or hate it, Pulp Fiction in all its glory..


The film is known for its eclectic dialogue, ironic mix of humor and violence, nonlinear storyline, and a host of cinematic allusions and pop culture references. Continue Reading →

 B o b  M a r l e y
 R E D E M P T I O N  S O N G
The song urges us to “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery,” because “None but ourselves can free our minds”. These lines were taken from a speech given by Marcus Garvey in Nova Scotia during October 1937…

Bob Marley on Bus reading bible MILAN, 1980 Continue Reading →

the brilliance behind the lens of these talented photographers.
Take a meander through a tiny tasty selection of

images on Handsome Citizens Instagram..

Photo by Stella Crick

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T U E S D A Y  T U N E S
this week an epic classic written by Jim Morrison
‘THE END’ by
T H E  D O O R S

Morrison originally wrote the song about breaking up with his girlfriend Mary Werbelow.

The Doors developed the song during live performances at the Whisky a Go Go, a Los Angeles club where they were the house band in 1966.
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image image

“From birth man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. He is bolted to Earth. But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free”
Jacques Yves Cousteau – Oceanographer

This week once again, the hearts of our Instagram followers have been stolen
by the lure of the Ocean. With these three sea related images rating just
a few numbers apart in ‘likes’.
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“We are all one child spinning through Mother Sky” an American Indian Proverb, Shawnee


Rated highest on HC Instagram this week
Have you met ‘We Are 365’ ?

One of the stunning sisters: Mira and Thilda who are :
“We Are 365”
www.weare365.com pictured at Minyon Falls NSW, not far out of Byron Bay.
We love these little ladies so much we will be regularly featuring some of their travelling stories and photo’s…if you’d like to see more…you can Follow them too, on Instagram @weare365

“A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.”
– Lao Tzu
Image by Jeff Divine : E Bay, Mentawai’s, Sumatra, Indonesia 2001 :
Jeff Divine Surf Photographer website here

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“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”
— Jacques Yves Cousteau, Oceanographer

The Ocean – Always inspiring us

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Amy Landry – A Modern Yogi

Introducing inspiring Yogi || Amy Landry || in this super-sped-up flow, filmed at the stunning sanctuary that is Desa Seni, in beautiful Canggu, Bali. (One of HC’s preferred places for Yoga, Where to..When in..) Amy is a teacher – and forever a student – in Newcastle, Australia, but envisions a future teaching not only within the Australian community, but also internationally.  She teaches classes at Verve For Life & Yoga Loft Newcastle. Amy has studied and practiced in a variety of styles, including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Purna, Yin, Power and Hatha Yoga – from many of the great inspiring teachers known worldwide today. She is devoted to sharing the ancient practices with others as well as helping each soul to find their individual flow and full potential.

Don’t compare your yoga practice to others’. We are all our own unique constitution, so are designed to be different. Spend more time getting to know your own body, and listening to the subtle messages it is sending you in every moment.

Amy Landry.modern.yogi

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The Rum Diary


rum-diary-still04-amber-sunlounger It was the beginning of the 60’s, the early-Kennedy “Mad Men” era, the times of mid-day boozing & guilt-free cigarette smoking.  The Rum Diary (the film released in 2011, based on the novel of the same name by Hunter S. Thompson) took us on a ride through San Juan, Puerto Rico. Sharing with us dapper men in straw hats and cool sunglasses (stars Johnny Depp & Aaron Eckhart), sitting behind the wheel of a fast-driven shiny red Corvette…
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Steve McCurry Photographer

Steve McCurry:Magnum Photos India IPursofFabA warm smile is the universal language of kindness – William Arthur Ward

How incredibly sharp & vivid is this extraordinary photo of this moustachioed man?
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“When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power, the World will know peace”
–  Jimi Hendrix

These incredible Resin works of Art,
are created by Shane Bowden :

“ Work is my therapy & drive. I don’t know anybody who loves painting & art as much as I do. It give’s me such pleasure with massive highs & low’s. I truly feel alive. It separate’s me from reality into not having to deal with the unnecessary shit that is thrust upon us in real life.”
Artist – Shane Bowden – BFA, MFA, AIPP
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mick-jagger-and-nicaraguan-bianca-perez-morena-de-marcias-just-after-their-wedding-in-st-tropez-france-240939512-76829 Kate & Jamie car

“I wanted it to be kind of dreamy and 1920s, when everything is soft-focus,” says Kate. “The Great Gatsby. The code name was GG for a while. That light and that kind of fun decadence. It’s rock-’n’-roll Great Gatsby!” – Kate  Continue Reading →

Christy Turlington

kristy turlington via Pilot Athletic

I N S P I R A T I O N: Christy Turlington on her yoga practice.

“I went to my first yoga class at 18. A friend was doing it, and I admired the discipline and focus. I decided I wanted that positive focus in my life Continue Reading →

6670_562490357105853_928882104_n “It was popsicles-for-breakfast hot, & the whole Summer stretched before us. We were 15″…
The Standard Hotel Short Story Collection – awaits you on your bedside table. (NYC)

finger x240815_515710331809124_977892462_n

“There is one expanding horror in American life. It is that our long odyssey toward liberty, democracy and freedom-for-all may be achieved in such a way that utopia remains forever closed, and we live in freedom and hell, debased of style, not individual from one another, void of courage, our fear rationalized away.”
Norman Mailer