—  t u e s d a y   t u n e s  —
T. R E X

frontman MARC BOLAN [1947 – 1977]
— a pixie-ish androgen capable of delivering nearly all of the UK into a pandemic known by the media as “T. Rextasy.”
In musical and songwriting terms,  he mined highly similar grooves and drum beats,  recognizing their nearly primal capacity to move bodies and raise spirits.

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 T A N G E R I N E  (1970)
L E D  Z E P P E L I N
Peel away the sour skin and sink your teeth into this juicy bluesy-roots dreaminess.
Page resurrected this folk-rock song with new lyrics that Plant described as being: “about love in its most innocent stages.”  It was often played during acoustic sets on their early tours.

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J A L A N  J A L A N
K A W A N  K A W A N

translation [Indonesian ➵ English]

‘When I Walk With My Friends’

Possibly the best 3 minutes of my life I have given, to the time sucking sport of pushing the Play button.
K A S S I A  M E A D O R
&   H E R   F R I E N D S 

 The soul, fun and simple pleasures in life oozes from these frames, shot by DEUS.
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T U E S D A Y  T U N E S
ANGEL is a song by American blues rock musician
J I M I  H E N D R I X
which featured on his 1971 posthumous studio album
‘The Cry of Love’.

Jimi-Hendrix-Rare-Photos-401The song is a mellow blues composition which features classically elaborative chord work from Hendrix and purposely restrained drumming from the usually fiery Mitchell, creating the poetic ballad that is “Angel”.
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T U E S D A Y  T U N E S 
 J O E   C O C K E R 

 Known for his gritty voice,  spasmodic body movement in performance and cover versions of popular songs particularly those of the Beatles. Cocker’s cover of the Beatles’ “With a Little Help from My Friends” was performed live at Woodstockin 1969,  and reached number one in the UK in 1968.

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 B o b  M a r l e y
 R E D E M P T I O N  S O N G
The song urges us to “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery,” because “None but ourselves can free our minds”. These lines were taken from a speech given by Marcus Garvey in Nova Scotia during October 1937…

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A song long time loved by us:
the perfect road trip duet —
‘Sometimes Always’
T U E S D A Y  T U N E S  


A duet between Jim Reid and Hope Sandoval who is an American singer-songwriter and lead singer for Mazzy Star.  The Jesus & Mary Chain are a Scottish alternative rock group. The song was released in 1994 and reached #22 in the UK single charts.. ☟
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Four brilliant artists made
T H E   D O O R S
one of America’s most iconic and influential rock bands.
M o o n l i g h t  D r i v e
was written by Morrison, during his halcyon days on a rooftop in Venice Beach L.A, California in 1965. Later, when he happened upon friend and future band member Ray Manzarek, he uttered the memorable lines,

“Let’s swim to the moon, let’s climb through the tide,  penetrate the evening that the city sleeps to hide.”


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T U E S D A Y  T U N E S
S o n i c  Y o u t h
Sugar Kane

Sonic-Youth-014Sonic Youth was an American rock band from New York whom formed in 1981. The music video for Sugar Kane is shot in NYC and portrays the band performing in the midst of a fashion show by Marc Jacobs, “Grunge Collection” in 1992. Continue Reading →

M R. B R O W N
is a song by Jamaican group THE WAILERS.
Recorded in 1970 at Randy’s recording studio in Kingston.   

Bob-Marley-and-the-wailers1The theme of the song relates to a rumour that was spreading through Jamaica that a duppy or ghost, had been spotted in numerous locations speeding through the land on a three-wheeled coffin, perched upon which were three John crows or buzzards, one of which could talk and was asking for a Mr. Brown.
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T U E S D A Y  T U N E S   
 BLACK  by 
 P E A R L  J A M 
 from the band’s debut album Ten from 1991. Eddie Vedder explained in the ‘Pearl Jam 20’ documentary that this song is about first relationships. “The song is about letting go.
It’s very rare for a relationship to withstand the Earth’s gravitational pull and where it’s going to take people and how they’re going to grow…” 

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 T U E S D A Y  T U N E S  
‘For What It’s Worth’ by
was inspired by an event that took place during the early stages of the psychedelic era in 1966,  the year in which the band started playing as the house band at the Whisky a Go Go on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles.

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T U E S D A Y  T U N E S
this week supporting Australian smooth grooves from
the soundtrack to Life Like Liquid (The Movie)
by professional free surfer & Ocean Preserver
Dave Rastovich.
Life Like Liquid is an in-sight into the liquid and free flowing lifestyles of musicians and surfers. Delving into the art of riding ocean waves and sound waves through spontaneous and intuitive improvisation.

This track features lead singer of

KingTide.BandW2It’s been five years since Australia’s premier rocksteady-reggae-got-soul band King Tide released their highly acclaimed album Roots Pop Reggae.
Read on☟

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T U E S D A Y  T U N E S  

 ‘And yesterday I saw you kissing tiny flowers,
But all that lives is born to die.
And so I say to you that nothing really matters,
And all you do is stand and cry.’

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T U E S D A Y   T U N E S 
We’ve been grooving out to the infectious beats of  
T H E  P R E A T U R E S

debut album and wanna know…. Is This How You Feel?…..too?

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How was your
A U S T R A L I A  D A Y
our fellow Aussies?!

To celebrate Australian music we wanted to share a song that conjures up Australia for us.
T U E S D A Y  T U N E S
‘Sounds of Then (This is Australia)’
G A N G g a j a n g
In the 80’s  whilst living in the States,  I remember hearing this song playing on 91x,  a Californian radio station broadcast from Mexico.

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T U E S D A Y   T U N E S
was most famously recorded in 1964 by the English rock group  THE ANIMALS.
The melody is a traditional English ballad,  but the song became popular as an African-American folk song. It was recorded by numerous different artists beginning in the 1920s,  and later Nina Simone in 1962. It was supposedly Nina’s version The Animals first heard.

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T U E S D A Y   T U N E S
With a nod towards Festival Season up and running in the Byron Bay region and across Australia,  we’re celebrating the most famous of Festivals….1969 WOODSTOCK.
The song caught on in the summer of 69 and was very popular amongst hippies who appreciated the nature theme. Canned Heat played the song at Day 2 of the Woodstock Festival which was a big moment for the band. The song was kind of an anthem for the festival,  as “Going Up the Country” described the pilgrimage to Yasgur’s farm in upstate New York where the event took place.

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 THE PIXIES – La La Love You 
 T U E S D A Y  T U N E S
 Kicking off the first beats of the New Year with some love..
The Pixies are an American Indie/Alternative Rock band formed in Boston,  Massachusetts in 1986. The song features on the album Doolittle,  sung by the band’s drummer David Lovering. It’s a love song — though with its “first base,  second base,  third base,  home run” break  it’s been referred to as “a dig at the very idea of a love song”.

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…She was a fast machine,  she kept her motor clean
She was the best damn woman that I ever seen…

We were chasing a New Years Eve Party tune for this weeks track. These classic good ol Aussie beats from AcaDaca,  should pretty well get the party started,  or lasting into the wee hours….

AC/DC ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’


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