B A M B U  I N D A H
is a boutique resort featuring traditional Javanese and Sumatran architecture, organic gardens and sweeping views of the Ayung River gorge.
Located along the Sayan Ridge 10 minutes from
Ubud, Bali in Indonesia.

Bambu Indah, Ubud Bali

The hotel is a stunning combination of bamboo buildings and antique Javanese teak wood bridal homes, each with individual design details to surround
you in beauty and comfort.
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“I closed my eyes and spoke to you in a thousand silent ways” — Rumi

 Y O G A :
  When in..?


Handsome Citizens preferred Yoga Studios Bali, Australia, USA, Mexico and more

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on B A L I

Cisco_INBEDSTORE_10Above photo by Daniella Rech of Cisco in her Luxury Bali Villa Red Door

Garance is interviewing an Australian friend; Cisco Gorrow on her must see places to go and see in Bali. Cisco; a talented slashie : a model / certified Raw Food chef / Yoga teacher / + studying to be a health coach; originates from Germany, but her heart has a home in Bali, especially since she and her husband George Gorrow [Ksubi] have built a house there… Continue Reading →

I S L A N D  L I F E 

With this much beauty all around us, we are truly grateful to be part of daily life in this sea-side Village.

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IMG_4472Yoga in Bali – Desa Seni – Yogathon

Desa Seni held their fourth annual ‘Celebration of Life’ 12 hour yogathon this last Sunday in Canggu Bali. The event was organised with precision and their staff worked tirelessly to keep the sanctuary that is Desa Seni tidy, with never-ending mountains of coconuts being macheted open, and table-laden bowls of healthy food offered at lunchtime..
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Gerry Lopez – Save your Surfing with Yoga

Gerry.Lopez.Lightening.Bolt.B&W gerrylopez-yoga.benmoon.com

After spending more than four decades studying the ancient Indian practice, Gerry Lopez is as qualified as they get when it comes to discussing yoga’s benefits for surfing.
As it turns out, taking your cutback to the next level could be a Yoga class away.
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Amy Landry – A Modern Yogi

Introducing inspiring Yogi || Amy Landry || in this super-sped-up flow, filmed at the stunning sanctuary that is Desa Seni, in beautiful Canggu, Bali. (One of HC’s preferred places for Yoga, Where to..When in..) Amy is a teacher – and forever a student – in Newcastle, Australia, but envisions a future teaching not only within the Australian community, but also internationally.  She teaches classes at Verve For Life & Yoga Loft Newcastle. Amy has studied and practiced in a variety of styles, including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Purna, Yin, Power and Hatha Yoga – from many of the great inspiring teachers known worldwide today. She is devoted to sharing the ancient practices with others as well as helping each soul to find their individual flow and full potential.

Don’t compare your yoga practice to others’. We are all our own unique constitution, so are designed to be different. Spend more time getting to know your own body, and listening to the subtle messages it is sending you in every moment.

Amy Landry.modern.yogi

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Collectors Item: Yoga Mind & Body DVD

You probably know we are very passionate about our Yoga at Handsome Citizens and get asked often: What is our recommended App/DVD/Inspiration for Home Practice?…For more than 10 years now I have been practicing at home to Ali MacGraw Yoga Mind & Body..Continue Reading →

Yoga & Surfing in Balance

Surfing and yoga have been connected since the first Polynesians channeled the ocean on their huge wooden boards and the first wandering yogis in India started bathing daily in the Ganges. Both began more than two millennia ago, and both were practiced for spirituality and vitality.


But popular as they are (there are an estimated 20 million surfers around the globe and 16 million yogis in the U.S. alone), surfing and yoga are only just now finding their groove together. Nine-times world champion surfer Kelly Slater practices yoga regularly as cross-training and can touch the top of his head to his heels in a glorious Rajakapotasana (King Pigeon Pose). ➪ Continue Reading →

Bringing Balance into your High-Energy Routine


CROSSFIT and yoga appear to be polar opposites. One is a firestorm of random, gut- busting movements that can reduce a participant to a teary, sweaty mess. The other is an elegant discipline which requires strength but quietens the mind while lengthening muscles. Beneath the surface, crossfit and yoga are complementary practices that can prepare the body and mind to cope with any challenge.

Crossfit can provide the strength foundation to complete some of yoga’s more complex moves while yoga helps unravel the kinks hammered into your body by the high- intensity fitness craze. ‘‘It’s all about balance,’’ said dual Olympian Sally Robbins who is now a crossfit trainer and yoga teacher/instructor at Newstead. Continue Reading →

‘MAGIC in the MOTHERLAND’ – Yoga Retreat with Lucy Roberts

If it’s some peace & solitude you are seeking, combined with a cultural journey, may we recommend a Yoga & Meditation Retreat set in a stunning location, run by one of our favourite Yoga teachers, Lucy Roberts (as seen in HC’s post Yoga..Where to, When in..)


‘MAGIC in the MOTHERLAND’ – Yoga Retreat with Lucy

“Basunti is a jewel, the kind of magical place that you might spend months looking for if you were traveling independently through India, and still never find” – Sunday Telegraph

A week of Yoga, meditation, rest, reflection, and nourishing food and company, at Basunti Retreat in the foothills of the Himalayas, in the incredible country that is India – the birthplace of Yoga.


Basunti is completely contained within a lakeside wildlife reserve, and will be ours exclusively.

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An interview with Nicole – Yoga Teacher Brisbane

yoga_nicole_jackson_interview yoga_nicole_jackson_lornajane

For those more athletic types wanting to ‘move’ with yoga, how would you sway them?
Yoga provides a safe and very versatile approach to exercise. It can be practiced by people of any body type, weight or height, and is wonderful for people recovering from injuries or Continue Reading →

Isabella Gadbois photography - smiling dog

Photo titled ‘Happy Jack’ by Isabella Gadbois/Isaloha Photography ➪
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Christy Turlington

kristy turlington via Pilot Athletic

I N S P I R A T I O N: Christy Turlington on her yoga practice.

“I went to my first yoga class at 18. A friend was doing it, and I admired the discipline and focus. I decided I wanted that positive focus in my life Continue Reading →

Sting rocking Ardha Matsyendrasana & what bought him to Yoga



Interview with Sting (via White Lotus) on what drew him to Yoga & how ‘Love Conquers All’…

Ganga : Many people have been inspired by and interested in your practice of Yoga. Can you tell us what brought you to Yoga?
Sting: I came to Yoga late in my life. I’m probably in my fourth year now which would mean that I started when I was 38 or 39. ➪   Continue Reading →

Inspiring – Never Ever Give Up

This YouTube clip has been doing the rounds for some time now, but incase you haven’t seen it yet…do! This guy is the poster-child for tenacity. When you think you’ve been dealt a hard blow, believe anything is possible like Arthur did, know you can transform your life, the power to change is in your own mind.