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 O F   T H E   S L I D E  
—  Not So Ordinary Citizens Interview  — 

11357411_916308428412404_77828531_n HC:  6 things to know about

Who: Alessia Marietti, I am me… remember you can never be a better version of yourself because you are the only you.. I’m 16 years old.

From: Originally I’m from Argentina, Corsica and Italy but honestly, I say that I am from the World as I do not feel like I belong anywhere, I feel like I’m from Everywhere. I was born and grew up in Bali my whole life,  so let’s say Bali is home.

Music: …is Everything! I don’t play an instrument but I wish I did. Artists that really get to me are: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and The Allan Parsons Project (Edgar Allan Poe) But then there’s Tame Impala, Outkast, Bon Iver, Devendra Banhart and so many more!

Work:  I don’t really work, however I model and Instagram. I am sponsored by O’Neill, Kykullo and Indosole.

Future plans: Hmm honestly I don’t have any! Just where life takes me and to be happy, I do really want to travel the World.

Things that fulfil me: Surfing, Dancing, Partying, Babes, Motocross, Art, Photography, the World and Love… hmm yeah so many things.

Lq7-8Sf9trL22BURCN969Y17bn8yvDK1Es-NDtI-H18BfUhpZHft2dKp7VxCYvr_oNB3vA5zaTg_Epy8_p6cm4kme3VPjNAkRTcGA7imS2vrbfaXcjZeInebDo-OhDMQ4HC: What brought you to Bali?  What do you love about living there?

AM: I was born here, and I’m very grateful that I grew up here as I was able to explore different Cultures and many things as a young girl. Growing up here was a blessing and helped me build who I am and put me together to be the person that I am today. I am also so very blessed that I go to the Green School which is the most sustainable school on Earth, it has opened so many opportunities for me.
Waking up in the morning to go to school in the midst of a Forest on bamboo infrastructure, it really is a dream, so beautiful and so true to the Island. 

eg3dbathdKJk9B-wWF2hjGzHY4i9JMnTUJQ0h4FJACYJhvK4_PMZpPA3L9WkQmKVwLgtPp4z2pr6LvR6_Okh3sqNcg5b6PoWWuqwO6ExLWCFgAUy4Cn2BzOOOwMN_LigcrP81mC0l3P7uLdxpUCHsBD9WMiCEhg34FninfJYZNAAvuqNXwEXnVZIEu3Sj6OJrDG15PBT2xlr4cX9BqWzUlEZTdGjcgDqg0qSeFh7ljBUjzUWY4VfxooiSa53qTSj5gAbove Photography by Carly Brown : Swimwear by Rue Stiic

HC: How long have you been surfing and what was it that drew you to the water?  Who inspires you now?

AM: I have been surfing for 3 years now, and only recently got into long boarding and that struck me hard… I have fallen in love with it… I have always been at the beach growing up in Bali but never really got into surfing I was more of a dancer.
There are a lot of people who inspire me, my friends and Pro’s out there..
What really did motivate me, was being able to meet and become friends with surfers who nowadays have a big name in the Industry, they stay true to me and are still my good friends.

10956642_862215480504284_1665898781_nAbove Photograph by @sergiosview (Alessia’s father)

11357411_916308428412404_77828531_nAbove Photograph by Crille Rask

AM: Recently I surfed in the DEUS 9 FOOT AND SINGLE LOG FEST. I was able to surf with World class lady-longboarders such as Kassia Meador, Leah Dawson, Lola Mignot and Karina Rozunko. These girls pushed me to my limits during the whole festival and surfing in a heat with them was my dream. Also having support from all the boys down there was amazing.

6_uHNsYErMOfRNUEeYemZrs18CWwbCEFzRcep0lAwLs4v5DKZ-dSCFGtqJBLdeYKse1Rw1itVW5Bc0ArkTnu00IeNOEhCsX0-euwZGuP7LgiQjgb7hhRmd2kiGGCftyh8Rhythm Girls_Alessia_HR-885986iw-p4614Kxome1ZvG53LeBP_UOskodEu-TW6lt7aMhjKhjMGtsCS2Dda52cUyCe56tq7mE4j058I665Ek7yUAbove Photography by Carly Brown : Featuring Swimwear by Rhythm Australia
Including Rhythm Girls  ⚓︎  You, Me & The Sea one piece

HC: These images of you below on location in Bali, were shot by Freelance Photographer Carly Brown from Byron Bay; one of our favourite lens-women. What do you love about shooting together?

Alessia Bali_web-3892Alessia_Bali_web-3897Alessia_Bali_web-2 Alessia_Bali_web-4027 Alessia_Bali_web-4028AM: I’ve shot with Carly several times now. I honestly love working with her….she is such a lovely person and super friendly babe! She knows exactly what she wants to shoot, and captures the beauty and playful side of the Ocean.

dX_71tiWC3q2gWCUWGOlTMUPJ0BNNDF3t2lbYUIbymM ePCRVWB315rgWgzuwuooBtZrSeE64gEtZZi-gQFXiXcAbove 2 shots & below 3, by CARLY BROWN PHOTOGRAPHY & Alessia for Rue Stiic

HC:  With so many respected brands and affiliations you have featured in campaigns for… What has been your favourite to work on thus far?

AM: Honestly, thats a very hard question… Hard for me because I have worked with some amazing people!
But maybe I’d say when I filmed with
GLOBE for their surf film last year STRANGE RUMBLINGS IN SHANGRI LA. It was an amazing opportunity to be around the Worlds best Surf Film cinema-photographer’s, such as Joe G and DJ Struntz. And to top it all off, I was with some of the Worlds best surfers; guys who inspire me, which after having met them, I met other inspirational surfers from knowing these legends… this really did change me! x

SlCh0NZjIeB5YANk5K21sDv1wIj5bRlOpPD58jjOwxIVB63ZlMxj50z6Pwb_Aad2Azspxb7_A_tWO5OShPGguAHC: If you could work with whomever you desire, which team would you put together for a day of fun filled salty images, what would you be wearing, where would you be?

AM: Wow thats tough, there are a lot of watery image photographers I’d love to work with!!
I’d say maybe Woody Gooch, Anthony Dodds or Kane Brown.. hmm these would be my favourite surf photographers.. I’d love to be surfing on a clean point break down in Noosa, with a bunch of friends… wearing any banging bikini and riding my JYE BYRNES 9’0 or somewhere in California or even a secret surreal point break. wow. wow.

HC: Could you share a personal favourite image, and tell us why it best describes who you are?

AM: I am one crazy person! A girl who loves Rock and Roll and everything before the 2000’s… And the fashion industry and film photography. I’m an adrenaline junky but at the same time I love elegance and grace, the ocean and natural places drive me insane. The beauty in everything; this world is such a surreal place, filled with some amazing mysteries that I long to discover. I could go on forever! But the favourite image I am including would be a photo I’m involved with by WOODY GOOCH, I reckon because it shows the beauty and craziness the ocean has. It’s sparkle, it’s shine but also it is elegant and moving.

DSC_5637Above Image: WOODY GOOCH

CrPnbAE-xfMwEitMkU3E0G9V4aJdsSwol0uxcBH3F-UHC:  Where is your favourite wave to surf, and if you could go anywhere, which surf break or Country do you most yearn to explore?

AM: NOOSA HEADS.. THE SUNSHINE COAST.. this is my dream, to road trip around that place and surf peeling points.. Batu Karas West Java, its the most amazing longboard wave I know about in Indo. I yearn to explore the world, California, Europe, Egypt, Asia; just everywhere! I want to travel and experience all I can and live life to the fullest. 



Above 3 images and below 1,  Swimwear by Rhythm Girls

HC:  What are you currently riding.. favourite surfboard?

AM:  Well… I’ve been riding a single fin shaped by a local shaper here and a beautiful 9’0 longboard my loverssss…. for the contest I used Matt Cuddihy’s board shaped by Thomas Bexon. Then my friend Ellis Ericson left a chunky super fun single fin at my place about 5 months ago and I’ve been riding that since!

cfQdo9YLcB6Im83ED9wQIcaMpMRzltC4xfliG0tZI4wHC:  What makes you the best version of yourself: keeps you smiling with life?

AM: The Ocean, Music, Love, and making memories… being around amazing people that inspire me, I just love it. The little things make me happy.
There….you have a little snippet of me, Alessia! I want everyone to discover who they truly are and live life to the fullest and not let anyone or anything stop them from following their dreams. Get out there!
Much love to everyone who is reading this x

fhoAVPufBG3wb7XRPbZw-F_HIe93Yr-D8qyOSnfXnugAbove beachwear: Rue Stiic.

AM:  If you would like to see more of my lifestyle, my work and what I’m up to; check out my Instagram and head onto my website on the links below.
xxx besos,  Alessia! With love from Bali. 

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Photography provided, with an abundance of Gratitude
to Carly Brown Photography.
All Photography by Carly, unless otherwise stated.


Interview by Tracee Annetts of
The Handsome Collective

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