Collectors Item: Yoga Mind & Body DVD

Posted on September 15, 2013 by Trace

You probably know we are very passionate about our Yoga at Handsome Citizens and get asked often: What is our recommended App/DVD/Inspiration for Home Practice?…For more than 10 years now I have been practicing at home to Ali MacGraw Yoga Mind & Body.. I have purchased many DVD’s since, but this is the only one that I keep using, even now that I no longer need guidance. Sometimes it’s nice to switch off and listen to the amazing music that accompanies the visuals, leading you to that meditative state.  This simple but perfect sequence, is led by master yoga teacher Erich Schiffmann, against the backdrop of White Sands, desert landscapes in New Mexico.

Unfortunately as I write this, and after much internet searching, it seems this amazing DVD is no longer as easily obtainable as it once was.  Surprisingly a new copy is upwards of $100 & most online stores are currently out of stock.  Seems it has become a collectors item! So if you have a copy, hold onto it…keep using it…and Erich PLEASE re-release it!

The DVD runs for approx 55 minutes. You can buy it here: Amazon and we believe you can buy it on iTunes for USA residents only.

Read more about Erich Schiffmann and Ali MacGraw

The hypnotic soundtrack Dead Can Dance – Into The Labyrinth is available on iTunes – and won’t blow the budget at $9.99.

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