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her name is mystical and wild, conjuring up the image of a spirit on the roam; free to stray.

Chrystal Dawn Fitzgerald has wandered all over this Earth. Originally from the Big Island of Hawaii, she now lives in Byron Bay, the easternmost point of mainland Australia. ☟

We have been admirers of the Fitzgerald surfing tribe for a few decades now, so when we first came across Chrystal via Instagram initially known as DAWN WOLFDREAMER and now as @thedawnchronicles we were instantly caught in her prettily spun web.
Not only do Chrystal and Joel lead a mesmerising existence in Byron Bay, they also have numerous surf/travel films on the go, are true ambassadors of free surfing culture and philanthropy toward Ocean & Wildlife related causes.

Chrystal is also an ambassador of SEEA whom in their words:
“Seea is a celebration of the rhythm and grace of women’s surfing, and the magic of riding waves. We are women.. We are the graceful sliders of the Seea.” 

The Seea interviewed Chrystal in April this year, welcoming her to their team. Below is an excerpt of their Interview, be sure to read the whole story over on their web (links below) and while you’re there, take a look at their beautiful Seea range. 

Interview excerpt by Seea —

What’s unique and special about living in Byron Bay? 

Byron is a very creative and inspiring place to be, with an ever-expanding community of writers, artists, activists, raw foodists, organic farmers, free thinkers, fashion designers and filmmakers all living, grooving, and surfing together. There are also two world-class point breaks here: Lennox Point and The Pass at Byron Bay are less then 30 minutes apart. On any given afternoon at The Pass you can see the widest variety of surfing crafts I have ever witnessed in a single lineup. Finless, alaia’s, paipos, single fins, logs, surf mats, twin fins, the occasional thruster, and much much more. Its a hub for alternative craft, shapers, and riders, plus there are always interesting people to meet in and out of the water.

You’ve gotten to travel around a lot! What are some of the important lessons that you’ve learned whilst traveling?

Yes, it is a blessing and privilege to travel I never forget this and praise God for the opportunities that I have been given to do so. Some of the important lessons I have learned whilst traveling are to always remain open, be humble listen and give of what you have. When on the road I always take organic coconut oil with me, I use it for oil pulling in the mornings, on my hair and skin as well as ingesting it.

Again I have a deep affinity for textiles, if I do purchase souvenirs I select the hand dyed, hand made items, unique sarongs, wall tapestries and fabrics that are locally available made.

You are very passionate about ocean conservation. What are some of the projects you are working on and why are they important? 

With passion and education comes responsibility. I am passionate about my work with the not for profit organization Living Ocean and their ‘No Plastic Please’ campaign. I am also a supporter of Sea Shepherd. I admire the work that Patagonia, and the Take 3 are doing and think that we can all be the change. Reducing our intake of products that are disposable and plastic-based is a big start. One of the things I collect most of on my beach walks are plastic bottles and plastic straws. I think that the more aware one becomes of their enjoyment the more likely they are to care for it. To me it is the local grass roots movements that matter most, we must start local to become global.

You are also very much apart of your husband’s surfboard shaping business. What’s it like having unlimited access to surfboards? 

It has been a real privilege and bonus for me to have a wider range of surfboards to ride since Joel and I got together. Joel has always ridden all types of craft and grew up in a surfing family. Joel’s style and experimental edge has influenced my surfing and board choices dramatically. Working with him on what boards I want for differing conditions, and objectives has been exciting and rewarding. My quiver at the moment consists of a 9’0 single fin longboard, 5’9 keel fin fish, 6’1 twin fin swallow tail short board that can be ridden as a thruster…
To read more about Chrystal’s quiver and the 
rest of the interview with SEEA please continue reading HERE 

You’ll be glad you did! More on Chrystal’s daily life, new films, when/where she started surfing, more on the quiver, Joel and Chrystal’s work dynamics, travel and the common values of surfers around the World; to name a few things you’ve missed here.

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Chrystal shares some visual storytelling of her own on her blog:  Vignettes of the Slide 

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Shop Chrystal’s favorite suits: The Hermosa,
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To read more about Chrystal’s husband Joel Fitzgerald, recently interviewed by Liquid Salt, we have shared the interview here

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The Hermosa also the Handsome Citizens preferred surf suit photographed by Carly Brown Photography see me on Instagram here 

Photography Credits  |  From top: Photo by Bethany Ryles  |  2nd: by Ming Nomchong  |  3rd: by Joel Fitzgerald  |  4th: by unknown  |  5th: by Nathan Oldfield

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