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S&B SASS AND BIDEThe Love of all Things
It was 2001; I began flying with Virgin Blue as a Flight Attendant,
 when I bought my first pair of Sass & Bide washed blue denim jeans.
They had developed an underground following; and it became the off-duty uniform for all VB Flight Attendants, everyone was wearing the fitted denim jackets with the tulip sleeves…

I had to have all the denim options, including white & beige corduroy! My love affair has withstood the test of time, with countless fashion whims and cycles along the way.
S&B has remained a constant in my wardrobe ever since

that first pair was made mine.

These photos are of an amazing tour of Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton’s (the label founders) Sydney homes’,
given to Natalie Joost of the uber cool
 blog Tales of Endearment.
(Who also has an amazing Instagram gallery of

her travels & daily fashion inspirations here)
Heidi’s home is in Palm Beach and SJ’s is located in Vaucluse;

a stunning neighbourhood along the coast, North of Bondi Beach.

Heidi’s home below 


S&BHeidi21 S&BHeidi20 S&BHeidi19S&BHeidi7

S&BHeidi15S&BHeidi2 S&BHeidi17 S&BHeidi16 S&BHeidi14 S&BHeidi13 S&BHeidi12S&BHeidi10 S&BHeidi11 S&BHeidi8

S&BHeidi6 S&BHeidi9S&BHeidi18

S&BHeidi4Sarah-Jane’s home below


S&Bbedroom1 S&Bbed2 S&B6 S&B4 S&B2

S&B1 S&B8


The duo showcased their first seasonal collection at Mercedes Australian Fashion Week in 2001.
As luck would have it, or perhaps it was a fortunate

coincidence in 2002, Sarah-Jane and Heidi were in New York where
Sarah Jessica Parker was filming a scene for Sex and the City.
Clarke was
 wearing a self-syled denim jacket and took if off and handed it to a security guard, who in turn gave it to SJP.
The next day, Clarke and Middleton were invited to

SJP’s trailer to show their designs.
She later commissioned Clarke and
 Middleton to make a few one-off pieces for Sex and the City.
Needless to say
 with publicity like this, the label propelled into the International marketplace.

“We really just decided to do what we loved without analyzing it too much. That was almost the beauty of it; we didn’t over analyze it.
We had people saying
 ‘don’t do it, fashion’s so tough’, but we’re both Sagittarians, so we’re both quite spontaneous and positive. We both thought, ‘why not, we have nothing to lose’.”
– Sarah-Jane Clarke explains Sass & Bide‘s easygoing attitude to starting the business in 1999 (as told to New Zealand-based journalist, Zoe Walker).

See more photo’s & stories as told
by Natalie Joost of Heidi’s home

(‘A Colorful History’) here
& Sarah-Janes’s home (‘A Softening Force’) here

And you might be glad to know Sass & Bide are on SALE here

Another amazing blog & on-line store,
a fav of ours
Table Tonic
who also featured the Sass & Bide interviews.

We are very happy owners
of some of Table Tonic’s beautiful ikat cushions.
See them and so much

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