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Posted on October 18, 2015 by Trace

2_7_11_HartwoodEricMya53942 2_7_11_hartwoodericmya5569Its reputation preceded itself, as we walked from our beachfront bungalow to
H A R T W O O D  in  T U L U M
on our first night on the Mayan Riviera,  Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula.  It is an outdoor dining restaurant,  with palapa roofs covering just a few of the tables and the bar.  The restaurant is unique in many ways…

Highly popular yet takes no reservations unless you are a group of 8 or more.  It is entirely lit by candlelight. The restaurant proudly operates with the use of solar panels as its only source of sustainable energy. The dishes on offer at Hartwood are cooked in a wood fired oven and open grill. Food preparation is executed by hand – with no use of electrical appliances.

2_8_11_HartwoodEricMya260641 tumblr_ljvaz4wfsg1qfe5t8o1_1280 Queue up and take a perch on a stool while you wait and enjoy their tasty cocktails. A drinks menu,  handwritten in chalk,  is passed to you by their friendly staff. The exotic cocktail list was full of mezcal, gin and tequila. The Grapefruit Mojito, is made with freshly squeezed juice of local grapefruits and was fragrant with fresh mint leaves,  served over ice,  to name but one.

2_7_11_HartwoodEricMya53252We had just arrived in Tulum and experienced the first hurricane of the season,  which was right on time for our June arrival.  Our first night was tropically balmy,  the following week we encountered strong winds and relentless rain.  As Hartwood is an open air environment,  they close during adverse weather.  Which meant almost a week closed over their busy tourist season.  It’s either that or have drenched patrons, who would have their experience ruined.  Or put up roofing,  which does not fit with the owners’ vision of their Mayan Jungle restaurant.  Outdoors & roof-free,  is the order of the day. Both our visits were highly memorable,  and consistent with their rave reviews in various gourmet food magazines.

2_8_11_HartwoodEricMya262341We shared an entree of tender calamari,  and a side dish of roasted baby beetroot with goats cheese. Followed by a locally caught whole fish,  spinach and local tomatoes. Every mouthful was pure delight.


2_7_11_HartwoodEricMya482732_7_11_HartwoodEricMya492132_7_11_HartwoodEricMya52452s03 ERIC WERNER AND MYA HENRY – CHEF AND RESTAURANT OWNERS at the Valladolid Farmers Market,  an old Colonial town a couple of hours away,  sourcing local and fresh produce for the Evening’s menu.


The ever changing daily menu

2_7_11_HartwoodEricMya56572Rustic outdoor seating



Stunning photo’s from the selby 

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