Chelada’s & more at La Zebra, Tulum Mexico

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When at the beach in Tulum, Mexico make sure you visit La Zebra where you can stretch out under a coco palm with the sand between your toes and savour one of their famous cucumber margaritas, mojitos or partake in their extensive selection of tequilas and mescal.  Cocktails are their specialty and they even have an antique hand crank, to press sugar cane juice, fresh each day. Have you ever had a mojito sweetened with fresh-pressed sugar cane juice? Its amazingly delish!

la zebra_sugarcanepress2La Zebra’s sugar cane press – somewhat impressive?

la zebra_beach

Their menu of Mexican delights is also filled with tasty morsels.  HC enjoyed the view early, over some Pacifico Chelada’s (don’t know what a chelada is? See recipe here) & then tucked into some divine guacamole & corn chips, ceviche & the two person feast where you create your own soft taco’s, it was all unbelievable.  We left with very big belly’s…content.

la zebra_table_EnriqueDiaz_artist1 la zebra_table_EnriqueDiaz_artist2 la zebra_table_EnriqueDiaz_artist3 la zebra_table_EnriqueDiaz_artist4 la zebra_table_EnriqueDiaz_artist6

The tables are all handpainted by a local artist Enrique Diaz.  Ours was the El Cupido table.
Images: HC (1 & 2) + La Zebra facebook page

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