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J u k e b o x
one of Clapton’s major hits recorded over his impressive career, was used on the soundtrack to Highway One, a long-forgotten classic surf movie featuring surfers riding waves along Australia’s East Coast.


Richard Clapton is an Australian singer-songwriter/guitarist. The single ‘Capricorn Dancer’ was a hit in early 1977.

“Capricorn Dancer”, a mellow, dreamlike celebration of sun and ocean, has outlasted the film for which it was intended.

Clapton wrote the song by watching rushes of the scenes used in the film, its laid-back sunny vibe resonating with shots of empty beaches and the essence of a carefree summer.
The video at top of story features the movie Highway One directed by Steve Otton in the background.

“There’s something about this song that really works,” Clapton offers. “I see it as kind of indestructible. No matter how I play it, it still sounds great. I’m very proud of the chords, most of which I basically improvised. I wanted to write an ocean sort of song, and I think those chords are very visual.”

Story excerpts via RichardClapton.com | SunshineCoastDaily.com
& Wiki

L y r i c s
“Gypsies ride from wonderland

I took my horse down to the sand
Underneath a thousand miles of sky

I watch the waves come tumblin’ down
And heard so many different sounds
Cleared my head and eased my worried mind

Capricorn dancer
I’m ridin’ to shelter
Show me a sign
Lead me on to the tropical zone

Diamonds scattered out to sea
The sun keeps laughin’ down on me
This crazy horse is tryin’ to chase the wind

Watch the waves come tumblin’ down
Hearin’ all those different sounds
Just clears my head and ease my worried mind

Capricorn dancer
I’m ridin’ to shelter
Show me a sign
Lead me on to the tropical zone”

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  1. rohah March 27, 2016 at 5:10 am

    Nice post. I m from Spain, and here in my country Richard Clapton is a musician only for a few people, but i like his music since my sixteens. I wrote about his music in my blog.

    • Trace March 29, 2016 at 7:43 pm

      Hey Rohah, thanks for leaving your comment! So glad you love Richard Clapton and his music reached you in Spain. Thanks for leaving your blog details, we’ll take a look!
      Handsome Citizens Crew

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