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‘Black Country Woman’
a song by
L E D  Z E P P E L I N
Allegedly this song is about Plant and how he flitted between his wife Maureen and his sister-in-law,
Shirley whom he later had a son.
Where he sings “Well that’s alright I “know” your sister too.”

thankyou-306x306-1351884980 Led_Zeppelin_acoustic_1973 Originally the song was subtitled “Never Ending Doubting Woman Blues.” This was a reference to a final spoken tag left off the finished version which had Plant proclaiming “What’s the matter with you mama, never-ending, nagging, doubting woman blues.”

tumblr_lywj1x6Mi51qzdza2o1_500Top & Above : Robert and wife Maureen Wilson Plant  

‘Black Country’ refers to the area near to Birmingham in which Robert Plant and John Bonham were brought up.

‘Black Country Woman’ was played live at Led Zeppelin concerts only when it was merged into a medley with ‘Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp’ on the band’s concert tour of the United States in 1977. [Video above] 

960x540Though he’s better known for his on-tour antics, Robert Plant was quite the family man when he was home. Here he is pictured with his wife, Maureen Wilson, and their children, Karac (1972-1977) (left) and Carmen.  He and Maureen would later split, and he would have a child with her sister, Shirley. Source : Chron

“Robert had an affair with his wife’s married sister Shirley who lived nearby (her husband was his farm go-fer) after the divorce from Maureen. 
And that they all seemed to continue to get along — while he had other affairs and such — tells you quite a lot about this strange inner sanctum.”

Above source : Elsewhere  Review about the book “Robert Plant; A Life by Paul Rees

Black Country Woman is the fourteenth song on the English rock bands’ 1975 album ‘Physical Graffiti.’  It was initially intended for the album Houses of the Holy.
An acoustic song recorded in the back garden of Stargroves Manor House, in 1972 (around the same time as ‘D’yer Mak’er’)

LedZeppelin At the beginning of the track, recording engineer Eddie Kramer can be heard saying ::
“Shall we roll it Jimmy? We’re rolling on what, one, no, one again.” followed by him saying “Don’t want to get this airplane on” about an aeroplane which is heard flying overhead.
To which Robert Plant replies “Nah,  leave it,  yeah.”
Recording outdoors proved to be difficult. On one occasion at Headley Grange when Plant tried to go outside to sing the song in the quadrangle, he was attacked by a flock of angry geese.

Other source’s : Wiki & Songfacts

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