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T H E  R O L L I N G  S T O N E S


Released as the lead single off ‘Black and Blue’ in 1976, “Fool to Cry” reached No. 6 on the UK Singles Chart and No. 10 on the US BillboardHot 100.
Soulful ballads were something at which the Rolling Stones were already adept by the mid-’70s. Black and Blue had a few of them. “Fool to Cry” takes its cue from many of the ’60s and ’70s Stax Southern soul ballads. Sexy-sounding, dripping with watery electric piano played by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards’ modulating phase-shifter guitar, and Nicky Hopkins playing his usual upper-register piano flourishes, “Fool to Cry” has Jagger singing a soulful and unadorned vocal live into a hand-held microphone.

He offers a heartfelt testament to his own foolish luck. The lyric seems genuinely personal, Jagger singing about his own family situation: “When I come home baby/And I’ve been working all night long/Put my daughter on my knee/And she says: ‘Daddy, what’s wrong?’/She whispers in my ears so sweet/And she says ‘ooh, Daddy you’re a fool to cry.'”

Jagger goes on to offer other examples from his life, by which he seems genuinely dumbfounded: a man out of touch, wondering where his melancholy comes from; guilty that he has any moments of sadness when he realizes just what a lucky guy he is.  [excerpt from www.allmusic.com]

TODO_RollingStones_960x650Mick Taylor had just left the band and the rest of the Stones were left without a lead guitarist. The recording of Black and Blue acted as a sort of audition for new guitarists. Highlighted by Nicky Hopkins’ airy Fender Rhodes jazz keyboard and session man Wayne Perkins playing slide guitar on this track.  Jagger also plays electric piano.

Rolling-Stones-Fool-To-Cry-546664Fool to Cry a falsetto ballad, was written almost entirely by Jagger, it was never a Richards favorite; he fell asleep when they played it live in 1976.


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