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Posted on September 4, 2014 by Trace

J A L A N  J A L A N
K A W A N  K A W A N

translation [Indonesian ➵ English]

‘When I Walk With My Friends’

Possibly the best 3 minutes of my life I have given, to the time sucking sport of pushing the Play button.
K A S S I A  M E A D O R
&   H E R   F R I E N D S 

 The soul, fun and simple pleasures in life oozes from these frames, shot by DEUS.

Surfing the way it should feel, the way it should look, the way it should give back..

Don’t stop having fun out there.. and take a ‘walk with your friends’..

Kassia Meador we have so much admiration for what you do on your board.. Your effortless grace is a pleasure to watch!

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