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L O L I T A  M I G N O T
The enchanted life of a quintessential Sea Gypsy.

A ‘surf story’ about growing up on the Ocean
 C I T I Z E N S
O F   T H E   S L I D E ♀

LaVecchia_20130523_167Photo by Nick Lavecchia 

HC: This photo by Nick Lavecchia shot for Foam Symmetry Volume 2 has to be our all time favourite magazine surf cover! Tell us how this was for you? 

LM: They day I received Nick’s picture was magical. I couldn’t believe I was on the magazine’s cover. Plus Nick is a very talented photographer and he really did capture my Symmetry. I was stoked!

HC: Tell us something about yourself.. who is Lola Mignot?

LM: They call me Lolita. I’m sixteen. I was born in Paris on a sunny day but soon after, moved to Tahiti. And by the time I was eight months I had already crossed the Pacific with my family on a sail boat. Since then the Ocean and Mexico have been my Casa.

MorganMaassen_Lola_6Photo above of Lola and her family at Casalove Sayulita by Morgan Maassen 

LM: My main occupations are surfing and helping my Mom at her clothing, art and jewelry store called Pachamama Sayulita. My favorite music… I just love sound, you know.


Photo by Pachamama sayulita of Lola’s hand painted floor art

HC: What does wearing Seea mean to you?

LM: Seea is an all time classic. Their style and colors fit me perfectly. And they are very comfy for my longboard lifestyle.

Photo’s of Lola above wearing Seea by Luki O’keefe

HC: How long have you been surfing, who/what drew you to the water? Who inspires you now?

LM: I’ve spent fifteen years carried by its current around the world. I basically grew up in the ocean, from traveling through the Pacific to living under a Palapa on the seashores of Mexico. My mom is my biggest inspiration. And those continuously inspiring my surfing are: Erin, Ashley, Jen Smith, Kassia and all the Seea babes… there are many other shredders out there I admire.

LaVecchia_20130521_838Photo above on a surf mission: Lola and fellow Seea babes with Nick Lavecchia for Seea 

MorganMaassen_Lola_2 MorganMaassen_Lola_3Photo’s above by Morgan Maassen 

HC: Where is your favourite surf spot? If you could go anywhere which surf break do you most yearn to explore? 

LM: O… it’s a secret spot (she winked). I want to go explore again Saladitas, a magical left. 

HC: What are you currently riding.. favourite surfboard?

LM: Elevator Bing 9’4. And that one has the mojo.

LaVecchia_20130520_901LaVecchia_20130520_232-1Photo’s above by Nick Lavecchia 

HC: What has been your most cherished Surf Adventure memory?

LM: At Noosa in Australia with my whole crew. We had a van posse and hit up the best spots all along the coast. The people made it special.

LolaMignot.eyeseaeverythingPhoto by Megan Villa Eye Sea Everything

HC: Describe the feeling, when you have 10 little piggies hanging over the front of your board?!

LM: It’s unexplainable.. like flying.

lolamignot.toes.JettyGirlSurfLolaMignot.ChrisGrant1LolaMignot.ChrisGrant2Photo’s above by Chris Grant for Jetty Girl Surf Mag

LaVecchia_20130523_346Photo by Nick Lavecchia 

HC: Where to in the future for Lola Mignot, and how can we see more of you?

LM: Travel the world on the lookout for perfect waves and joyous people. I’m on the verge of putting out a new surf video on Vimeo filmed by Ed Fladung. [Now released – watch it at Top of page]

Lola.Mignot.Ed.FladungPhoto and Vimeo above by Ed Fladung

LM: And if you want to see what I’m up to follow me on Instagram: @lolamignot.

11018557_1418465935116843_2113228725_nPhoto of Pachamama Sayulita – Gallery of Lola’s Mum; Talaly

Foam Symmetry is a high quality, photograph orientated, alternative surf and culture focused magazine. See them here


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