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Posted on November 17, 2014 by Trace

From Florida USA

has been in our sights for sometime now.
We loved this photo on Amanda’s Instagram gallery,
 we’re seeing a whole lot more of her now as an

Akela Surf ambassador. 
We caught up with Amanda to chat travel, boards and the other photo on Instagram
that had people paying attention…


AmandaGiberson.David.MarciPhoto by – David Marci

HC:  We want to know more about Amanda Giberson… tell us something we don’t know… who are you?!

A: Originally from the state of New Jersey, I moved to Florida with my mom at the age of 3. I am 23 and at the moment, home is Saint Augustine Florida. A quiet little beach town where everyone knows your name, who you are, and what you do. I work at a restaurant right on the beach and that gives me the flexibility to surf when I can and travel when I want. It is not my dream job by any means, but it has allowed me to go where I have wanted to go so far…

AmandaGiberson.Matt.WeatherfordPhoto by – Matt Weatherford

HC:  You are an ambassador for Akela Surf… what does this relationship mean to you? How do you feel wearing Akela Surf wear? 

A: I met Servio and Annie Gagne, the owners and designers for Akela Surf, at this year’s Surf Expo in Orlando FL. From the very beginning, we were like family. We traveled to Barbados this past April, shooting and exploring what this beautiful little Island had to offer. We had such a positive reaction from the locals, They loved the vintage, retro look of the swim wear and were amazed at how functional it looked while I was surfing. Akela’s line is not just swimwear, it is also comfortable enough to wear while skating and doing yoga. It was such an incredible place to demo their new line and I was so greatful to be given the opportunity to work with such a wonderful family and designer.

Amanda.GibersonChris.PadfieldPhoto by – Chris Padfield

A: I love every piece Annie makes for the Akela line! Each piece of the collection, has it’s own personality. It truly is art! I love when girls come up to me and ask “What are you wearing?” “Who’s line is that?” “Where can I buy it?” It gives me the opportunity to spread the word about Akela and what they are all about. It’s not your typical swimwear line and I think that is what makes it really stand out from the rest.

Amanda.Giberson.Akela.Surf copyamanda.giberson.Annie.Gagne Photo’s above by – Annie Gagne

HC: This photo (above) by Annie Gagne, designer for Akela Surf was such a favourite of ours. It was reposted on Instagram by Slidemag which went gang busters! Your Instagram name is @_longboardlove and somehow the connection with that and Amanda Giberson was lost, so the attention you rightfully deserved didn’t really come your way. Tell us how this was for you?

A: The picture that Annie Gagne took while we were in Barbados is nothing short of art.Yes, I might be the surfer in the picture but it is not really about me. It’s about showing you what Barbados has to offer, with its beautiful blue waters, amazing waves, and stunning senery. Rightfully, Annie should get most of the credit for this shot; I was just lucky enough to be the one on the other side of her lens. I was beyond amazed and truly humbled that so many people, all around the world took so much interest in this photo. I am just stoked that I was able to be apart of the moment.

HC: How long have you been surfing, who/what drew you to the water? Who inspires you now?

A: I have been surfing for about 9 years now. Its funny, as a child I had a deep fear of the ocean and its power. At a young age my parents bought me an old beater surfboard to learn on. I worked hard to teach myself how to surf and worked even harder to conquer my fears of the Ocean. After a few years of only riding a shortboard, I rode my first wave on my friend’s longboard and from that day on, my outlook on surfing was changed forever. It was simply amazing how natural longboarding felt to me and I was instantly hooked.

Amanda.Giberson.ChrisPeckPhoto by – Chris Peck

HC:  Where is your favourite surf spot, and If you could go anywhere, which surf break do you most yearn to explore? 

A: My favorite waves are in Southern California. Throughout my travels, I have found that this crowded coastline offers some of the best loggin’ waves I’ve ever surfed. Even though I’m a Floridian I never mind putting on a wetsuit to surf California’s perfect peeling waves. I plan to one day surf in the Maldives. I catch myself day-dreaming about sitting on a boat off the coast of some small deserted Island, mesmerized by the crystal clear, empty left point break peeling out front and the solitude that that thought brings.

Amanda.Giberson.Chris.PadfieldPhoto by – Chris Padfield

HC:  What are you currently riding… favourite surfboard?

A: I am currently riding a 9’2 Channel Islands, Performer 2. For me, it has been a great board! It allows me to ride like I’m effortlessly walking on water. But, after years of abuse I decided it was time to retire this board. I recently started working with a local shaper here in Florida, Ken White of White Surfboards. Ken has amazing shaping abilities and design knowledge; we are currently in the process of shaping and tweaking a few new boards that not only fit my ability and the waves I ride but also my personality.

Amanda.Giberson.TravelHC: What has been your most cherished surf adventure memory? 

A: Last year I took one of the most amazing surf adventures of my life. My friend Sabrina and I booked a one way flight to Bali, Indonesia .We explored Bali for about 2 weeks, then we flew over to Fiji where we chartered a boat to the Yasawa islands for 7 days. They are a very remote chain of the Fijian islands that felt so surreal almost like you took a step back in time. The next stop on our trip landed us on Oahu to explore Hawaii for the remainder of our trip. I total we were gone a little over a month with nothing but our backpacks and each other. Our journey was truly a once in a lifetime experience. I hope that one day the stars will align again and will find ourselves exploring new places together.

Amanda.Giberson.BaliHC:  Where to in the future for Amanda Giberson, and how can we, and your other followers see more of you?

A: I’m not sure what the future holds for me, everyday is a different adventure! I love to travel and I hope that in the next couple of months I will be able to share some of my new adventures with you. You can follow me on Instagram: @_longboardlove


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What Others Are Saying

  1. Vic Baczkowski November 12, 2014 at 2:03 pm

    Fantastic interview with a very charming young lady and even more impressive photos

    • Trace November 14, 2014 at 7:31 am

      Thanks for leaving a comment Vic. Amanda is indeed a beautiful spirit, and we agree the photo’s are beautiful…Amanda has some talented friends behind the lens.
      All the best from us at Handsome Citizens

  2. David M Jackson November 12, 2014 at 2:13 pm

    Wish I was in Hawaii when you passed through. Glad I got to know a celebrity, I’m so stoked for you manda bear. You definitely have an amazing surf style, it was great surfing with you back in the school days.

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