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Cait.Miers.Pink.SkyC A I T  M I E R S +
O ‘ N E I L L
are two of our favourite photographers on Instagram, both capturing us with their tropical island vibes, lush greens, turquoise blue waters and skies of dusky pink hues.

 —  Not So Ordinary Citizens Interview  —

Hayden.Oneill.PalmsPhoto Top: Cait Miers
Bottom: Hayden O’Neill

 Cait and Hayden both reside on the Mornington Peninsula,
Victoria Australia.

Cait is studying a Bachelor of Photography at
Melbourne’s RMIT University,
whilst concentrating on shooting surf and fashion imagery.

A glance at her Insta gallery will tell you she is enamoured with all things derived from the ocean. She features an enviable list of long haired and limbed beauties frolicking on sunny shores. As well as selling her prints she creates handmade recycled frames with her artwork, which she sells at local markets.
See Cait on Vimeo here – her markets, clients, muses and daily inspirations.

Cait.Miers.Mimi.Elashiry.ArrowDivine Cait.Miers.Mimi.ElashiryPhotos by Cait Miers for Arrow Divine Jewellery
Models: Mimi Elashiry & Darcy Dineen
Bathers at Top: All That Remains Love
Bottom: Cantik Swimwear

Hayden’s passion has seen him behind the lens since the age of 16,  allowing him to travel the world, and capture untouched paradises. Hayden’s photography has been featured in numerous gallery exhibitions including his own first solo exhibition earlier this year
‘Lost Paradise’. For more on his exhibition here

Hayden.O' by Hayden O’Neill

The duo have worked closely with the top names of the surf industry – drawing us into their world, enticing us with the labels of the moment, whether it be bikinis, jewellery, surf wear,  surfboards and of course tropical islands to add to your sunny vacay hit list…

HC:  Tell us how you both met… we have figured from some of your photos that you are in fact a couple… correct?

Haha yes that’d be correct. We both met through mutual friends who had been trying to set us up for months with the whole photography thing!
We have been together for almost 2 years now.

HC:   You are both wonderful photographers, what happens when you take a holiday, do one of you tend to be the photographer and muse or do you both appear in your holiday snaps equally?

Our first overseas trip together was last year to the Maldives and Sri Lanka, and we basically both had our cameras on us the whole time.

Hayds normally takes photos of me underwater, specially on this trip as I didn’t have my underwater housing yet. But we both try and shoot each other whenever we can!

Hayden.O'Neill.with.Cait.MiersPhoto by Hayden of Cait

HC:   Where has been your favourite place to shoot together,  and why… where will your next adventures take you to?

I guess for us, our favourite place we’ve been together would have to be the Maldives. We’re both drawn to surfing and the ocean and this provided us with both! We are heading off to Indo for a short stint later this year, and then probably hanging out around home for the Summer!

HC:   Do you have a subject/location that you dream of shooting in the future?

For me (Hayds) my dream location is to get back to the Mentawais,  that place is so epic and the waves are amazing. I’d love to spend a few months out there next year.
And for Cait, she has always wanted to go to coastal Europe and explore more culture over there.
Definitely for both of us, wherever there’s waves.

HC:   We love our music, and are always interested in what others are listening to… who musically inspires you… what is currently on high rotation?

As do we! Music wise, we always have a range of tunes playing including Interpol, TamarynBaths and I Break Horses amongst others. Basically we both have very similar tastes in Music and regularly head to gigs when we can.

HC:   Your ‘work’ if you could call it that looks like it would inspire you plenty.  What other activities fill your souls with happiness?

We both surf heaps when we can at home or abroad. We have a really great creative bunch of friends so that always keeps us inspired. Hayden currently works in The Snake Hole Studio with graphic designers Josh Brown and Josh Meyer so he gets alot of inspiration from them. We often go on Roadtrips and short stints chasing waves around the coast with friends in Summer too!

HC:   We’ve asked if you could take a photo of each other for this interview. What was special about this moment and what can you see of the others’ personality in the image?

We decided to take this photo together, it was a pretty funny moment and I think it reflects on how much fun we have together.  

Cait+Hayds-5Photo by Hayden’s brother
Patrick O’Neill @patrickthomas

HC: Finally, can you ask each other a question!?

Hayden – Cait:  Where do you want your photography to go?

Cait: The biggest thing with my photography is that I want to always be innovative, come up with new ideas and be at a point where people know it’s my image they are looking at. From there,  I want to keep exploring the fashion side of things and combine women’s fashion with surfing and work towards bringing that element of femininity into surfing through photographs. Keep travelling, keep observing, learning and using my images to really inspire people in whatever they do.

Cait – Hayden: What is it about the ocean that you love capturing?

Hayden: I guess I’ve always been in awe of the big blue,  something about it’s movements and the way we can all tuck into waves for days on end. Being in the ocean itself gives me a lot of inspiration and motivation to keep chasing my dream, I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to do what I do.

HC: We wish you both all the best for the future, we look forward to following your career via Instagram and hopefully loads more avenues!

Thanks guys!


A Photographic Exhibition by Cait Miers

Featuring a collection of images inspired by the growing femininity and grace in women’s surfing. Come and take a look at what makes these ladies of the sea shine.

WHERE: The Nook 18 Progress St, Mornington VIC
WHEN: Saturday 6th December 2014
TIME: 7pm-11pm

The exhibition will run until Friday 12th December.
With originals and prints for sale! More here

Keep up with Cait
 Instagram @caitmiersphotography
and facebook

See more of Hayden’s work
Instagram @haydenoneill and Facebook 

He also works closely with Cam Stynes on the collective
The Sailors Slum.

Arrow Divine Instagram | facebook
Cantik Swimwear Instagram | facebook

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