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 J O S I E
“She’s got a rad classic style that is all her own”

 From Byron Bay, an Ambassador for McTavish Surfboards and Volcom now with Billabong; a lover of life; she’s happy if others are happy; would dearly love to someday in the future, open an Orphanage in the Philippines.

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— Not So Ordinary Citizens Interview —


Photo above by Macauley Rae

HC:  Tell us something about your life… who is Josie Prendergast?

JP: My full name is Josie May Tokong Prendergast. I am 15 years old. My Mum is from Siargao Island in the Philippines and my Dad is from Australia. I was born in Siargao and moved to Byron Bay when I was around 3 years old. I have been living in Byron ever since and I am very fortunate enough to be able to go back home every year or two.

josieprendergast.siargaoPhoto of Siargao Island by Josie

JP: I am an ambassador for Volcom  which is great, and I surf for McTavish Surfboards  super!
As I grow older I hope to keep surfing and modelling and I would really really love to help start an Orphanage Home or a Program to reach out to those in need in the Philippines and hopefully take it further.

josieprendergast.jamesmcmillan.EH.holdenJosie and an HR Holden • The Pass Carpark.  Photo by James McMillan

HC: How long have you been surfing, who/what drew you to the water? Who inspires you now?

JP: I have been surfing for around 4-5 years now, my Dad got my Brothers and I into surfing as he surfs too, and I guess from the day we started surfing its just been so addictive and fun.
My surfing inspirations are my Dad, the surfers with McTavish and surfers like Kelia Moniz & Kassia Meador.

josieprendergast.dionleePhoto above — created for designer Dion Lee.  Josie (right) Shot by Kane Skennar.

josie_prendergast_3Photo above by James McMillan

HC: You have featured in a number of images as an ambassador for Volcom.  Do you have a stand out photo that best captures who you are?  What does wearing Volcom mean to you?

JP: Being an ambassador and part of the Volcom family is something I really enjoy and love to represent!

Josie-317JP: I was first introduced to Volcom in 2012 and I have been with them ever since. Wearing Volcom to me, means to represent the brand in the best possible way and include their clothing and swimwear into what I love doing most. The Volcom gear blends in so well with my choice of fashion style.

josieprendergast.jamesmcmillan.volcomAbove and below, two of Josie’s favourite Volcom images, provided with permission from Josie Prendergast. Photo above by James McMillan.

HC: Your younger brother Bernie also rips and was recently featured on McTavish’s ‘Dedicated To The Craft’ short film series. He said you were a source of inspiration to him. What do you think has made The Prendergast family such a water loving tribe?

JP: For a few days Bernie and I were filming for McTavish on ‘Dedicated to the Craft.’  We had loads of fun doing it and I feel really happy that I am a source of inspiration to my brother in his surfing.

bernieprendergast.mctavishsurfAbove  Bernie Prendergast  Film by McTavish Surf  [link to film here]  Filmed by Stefan Jose

JP: Growing up in Byron Bay and living right next to the beach has allowed us to spend most of our time there, whether it be surfing or swimming.  Also being able to go back to Siargao we are surrounded by beach there too, so I guess from day one, being exposed to all this has made our family water lovers.

josie_prendergast_2HC: Both you and Bernie are sponsored by McTavish Surfboards. What a great family to belong to! Tell us about your McTavish story.

JP: I guess being able to surf as we do – all day everyday and learning from those who surround us in the Surfing Community brought McTavish to us. Bernie and I are so happy to be part of the Team.

Josie.Prendergast.AlexFringsPhoto.HandsomeCitizensInterviewPhoto of Josie above by Alex Frings Photo surfing McTavish Surfboard

HC:  We also hear that you will be working with Farron Swim. Is this a new partnership? Can you tell us what you have planned together?

JP: Yes! Some time in January I will be doing a shoot for Farron Swim, a new brand that has recently launched.

I am very exited to be part of this shoot and I cannot wait for everyone to see the outcome!

HC:  Where is your favourite wave to surf, and if you could go anywhere, which surf break do you most yearn to explore?

JP: My favourite places to surf would have to be The Pass, below, photo by Nathan Oldfield 


…or Wategos Beach, above, photo by Rope Photography & when it’s small — Cloud Nine. I would also love to explore and surf Sri Lanka and beaches in Hawaii in the future. 

HC:  What are you currently riding… favourite surfboard?

JP: At the moment I am riding my 9’2 custom longboard by McTavish, which is also my favourite board too.  So fun!

josieprendergast.alexfringsphotoPhoto by Alex Frings

HC: We see you have recently been sharing some beautiful images of the Philippines. What was the purpose of your visit? 

JP: After 2 years, I finally got to come back home to Siargao. We went there to visit my Mums side of the family and our friends; to come back to our house and give back to the people there.
[Josie mentions on an Instagram post — “we had shipped over three really big boxes full of toys, clothes, shoes, bags, packaged food etc. We had so many things to give to the people over there. It was kind of like a Christmas they had never had; the joy on their faces made me so happy! I don’t think anyone will understand how happy it made me feel!”]

We spent 6 weeks exploring, adventuring and bringing back the old memories. I had the most amazing time and met the most kind-hearted people. Going back was an amazing experience and I cannot wait to go again! 

HC:  What makes you most happy in life?

Josie.Prendergast.Instagram.HandsomeCitizensInterviewJP: The thing that makes me most happy, is seeing everyone around me happy, doing what I love to do, being surrounded by the people whom I love and travelling and experiencing new things.

josieprendergast.volcom.jamesmcmillanPhoto above for Volcom Women’s Spring by James McMillan

HC: Thanks Josie. Such a pleasure chatting to you… we wish you all the best for what will no doubt be a very bright future!

Josie.Prendergast2.Instagram.HandsomeCitizensInterviewPhoto above and black/white bikini, provided by Josie from her Instagram.

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“She’s got a rad classic style that is all her own”
Quoted at top of page by James McMillan.


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