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Spotlight on
C A R O L A N 

the first Australian homegrown talent to feature on

We stole a moment of Roisin’s time for a quick
chat and a
 glimpse into her Byron Hinterland life…

O F   T H E   S L I D E

Roisin.Carolan HC: Who is Roisin Carolan?

Soooo, first off my name is pronounced (Row-sheeeeeeen) I’m 19. I lived in Manly until I was 12 and then me and the Fam Bam moved to the Byron hinterland. We live just past Bangalow in Binna Burra. It’s a bit out of town but we basically live in a rainforest so it’s worth it haha. Umm my Job, I work in a supermarket and have started selling Art on the side.
Music, I can’t really say I have a particular favourite, but at the moment I’m really into Ball Park Music, The Preatures, The National, Chet Faker and so many more.
I like to go on adventures with friends, mostly to waterfalls.
This is one of my dogs, his name is Chilli Bear. And he’s a shredder. This was his second time surfing. It was still a bit cold for him though he only likes it on really hot days.

image-4HC: You are a team rider for McTavish Surfboards. What does this relationship mean to you? Are there any other sponsors you represent? What’s the feeling when you hang 10 piggies over on a McTavish board?

Yeah I ride for @Mctavishsurf, it’s really cool to be able to ride such high quality surfboards, especially that have come from our region. I think it’s important to have a good relationship with the people who make your boards, it means they know what’s going to work for you, and you can really refine your surfing. I have a couple of other sponsors; Stick It Wax and Surfkini. Hanging ten is amazing. Theres nothing left in front of you, no board, no barrier so its kind of like flying. Especially if you hold it for a good while. I’m a noseride junky. When I’m on a wave it’s all I can think about. Constantly trying to set up a noseride. This is why I find it difficult to short board.

image-2image-1HC: How long have you been surfing, who/what drew you to the water? Who inspires you now?

I was always a water person my Dad used to take me swimming way out the back from a really early age. I then did nippers but hated all that running crap, I only liked the boards. So then when I was 9 I got a surfboard for Christmas!
I’m inspired by lots of Byron locals. People who have an incredible wave and ocean knowledge, like Alan Atkins,  Bob Mctavish etc.
At the moment my surfing inspiration is Leah Dawson. She is crazy good.

HC:  Where is your favourite surf spot, and If you could go anywhere, which surf break do you most yearn to explore? 

My favourite spot to surf is Wategos, hands down. I’m just a Wategos frother. Having said that though, I’ve never surfed anywhere out of Australia. I really want to go surf Hawaii, Cali, Mexico and Europe. So basically need to start saving some coinage.

HC: What are you currently riding | favourite surfboard?

Well I mostly ride my Mctavish Involvement. He’s called Naboo and is a shredder. He’s part of my collection. There is always one in my quiver that I deem to be my ‘bush fire’ board. A bushfire board is something I made up, if you had to choose one board to take with you in a bushfire…He’s a babe.

image-6Surfboard Fin | Selkie Fins 
Wetsuit | Cynthia Rowley from Patagonia Byron Bay

HC: What has been your most cherished Surf Adventure memory? 

There was this one trip down to Crescent, it was me and a bunch of friends. We just had the funnest trip, we would surf for hours, then go and devour the bakery, then straight back into the surf. We buried each other in the sand, played pranks on people and just had a rad rad time.

HC:  Where to in the future for Roisin Carolan?

I’m jut kind of cruising. I’m going on a little adventure in a couple of weeks. My first overseas surf trip which is exciting! Next year I want to do more traveling, maybe go to Uni, maybe not, do lots of art, go to lots of waterfalls and surf lots. Yeahha!

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  1. Jonathan May 26, 2015 at 7:11 pm

    Sounds like you were born with a surfboard under your feet! We are stoked for your here @Wetsuit Central ! Love reading about people that have genuine amazing lives much like San Diego life by the beach! Keep shredding!

    • Trace May 26, 2015 at 7:58 pm

      Thanks for the comment Jonathan! We’ll pass that on to Roisin! Come back for some more ‘surf stories’…

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