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N I E V E S 

 A talented Longboard rider, is the essence
of beauty, grace and style.
Take a look at her surfing images and you will see why she is a huge source of inspiration for us.
C I T I Z E N S 
 O F   T H E   S L I D E


HC: ‘Tutti’ is the simple piece of information given in your bio on Instagram. We first stumbled upon you via Jetty Girl Surf Mag and fell in love with your unique style.  There is an air of mystery about you… we want to know more, tell us something about yourself!

SN: My name is Sormarie Nieves. I’m 31 years old and I currently live in Encinitas, CA. [North San Diego County] I’m originally from the Island of Puerto Rico. At age 15 my parents sent me on a little adventure to go to High School and live with my sister in California. I was only supposed to stay for one semester with the goal of improving my English but instead I decided to stay. I completely fell in love with California and the people here. My parents trusted me and let me set sail. I work as a Creative Director for Jettygirl Surf Magazine and I’m also the designer behind my At-Sea clothing label.


HC: Tell us more about At-Sea…

SN: At-Sea is a label I’m starting to build. I have a background in Fashion Design. My dream is to design clothing and jewelry that is inspired by my love for the ocean. I’m the creative kind and hope to create a life that allows me to pursue my passions of surfing and designing.

HC: How long have you been surfing, who/what drew you to the water?

SN: I’ve been surfing for sixteen years. I caught my first wave at thirteen but I wasn’t able to go constantly until I turned fifteen, since my parents were a little too scared of the ocean and the idea of me surfing.
My big sister inspired me to start surfing. She was the one that taught me all about the ocean and bought me my first surfboard. I thank her for my endless love affair with surfing and the ocean. She took the time to push me into waves and would let me use her board that I never wanted to give back for her to use. Haha.  

HC: Who or what inspires you in and out of the water?  

SN: I’m inspired by people that smile and take the time to get to know and learn from each other with an open heart. I’m also inspired by those who make a life of what they love and those that make life an adventure.


HC: Judging by your photos you seem to surf some stunning and remote locations. Can you tell us about a favourite surf trip/adventure?

SN: My favorite surf trip so far has been to Biarritz,  France. Such a fun town with beautiful buildings and streets. The coffee and the pastries there are amazing.


HC: Where is your favourite surf spot and in your wildest dreams, where would you love to surf tomorrow if you could? 

SN: I have a couple of favorite spots. In California I love to surf Pipes in the town of Encinitas.  I love all the people that surf there and the lefts are my favorite. In Puerto Rico I like to surf Wilderness and Bridges.
If I could just take off and go anywhere, I would head to New Zealand then Australia and of course… Bali! I’ve never been and really want to go.

12144076_428730470645841_279778483_nHC:  It seems like your association with Jetty Girl Surf Online Mag is somewhat like a close-knit family. What has been your relationship with them? Who else sponsors or supports your talent?

SN: I first met Chris Grant, owner and photographer of Jettygirl, while working at a Surf Camp as an Instructor about 12 years ago. He was hired to take photos for our Pamphlets and website. Chris always offered to take photos of me surfing but I was always too nervous and shy to say yes. We always kept in touch but it wasn’t until recently that we started working together. He’s a great ambassador for Women’s surfing. I currently work as the Creative Director for the magazine. We have new projects coming up along with a new website.
Chris is a well rounded, amazing photographer and even better human. Working with him is always fun and an added plus to being around him all the time is that I get tons of amazing photographs.

Sormarie in Rue Stiic above

SN: I’m an ambassador for Rue Stiic I Love, Love Love them! 

HC: What are you currently riding… favourite surfboard?


SN: My favorite surfboard is a single fin 9’2 Folklore Surfboard. Her name is MarMar. She was designed to coast through fast beach breaks. Has a concaved nose for steady, speedy noserides, pinched rails to keep you on track and a bat tail that turn on a dime. MarMar is white, light blue and orange. We go on a lot of adventures together!
Mar the owner of Folklore Surf contacted me through Instagram and offered me a board. I was very excited when I got his message. I couldn’t believe it! Since then we have become friends.

HC:  Any favourite quotes or ethics that you aspire to, get you up in the morning,  keep you happy,  make you the amazing human you are today?

SN: I came upon my favorite quote not that long ago:

“To see the world, things dangerous to come too, to see behind walls, to draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life.”

HC: How does this quote affect you?

SN: This quote reminds me that life is a constant adventure and that life is about friendships,  interactions and experiences. We don’t know what the future holds for us but with eyes and open hearts the adventures are endless.

HC: We love our music and are always interested in what others are listening to… who musically inspires you… what is currently on high rotation? 

SN: My favorite songs right now are  — 

‘Man On Fire’ by Edward & The Magnetic Zeros. 

‘Hold On’ by The Gospel Whiskey Runners

‘Riptide’ by Vance Joy

‘Hello my Old Heart’ by The Oh Hello’s

Some of my favorite bands are The Cure, Bob Dylan, Blind Pilot, Mumford & Sons, Ben Howard and Dave Mathews.

HC: Are there any quirky or interesting facts your fans may like to know about you?

SN: I’m a regular foot that loves to go left. I can’t resist cookies or chocolate. Even though I have been in the states for half of my life I still have an accent and I don’t think it will ever go away. I’m married to my best friend.    


HC:  So what does the future hold for you,  and how can we,  and your other followers see more of you?

SN: I hope to keep designing and building my company At-Sea. I will also continue to be involved with Jettygirl Magazine. You can follow us on @jettygirlsurfmag instagram for more adventures and new projects.


HC:  And finally, tell us when are you going to plan this trip to Bali and Australia, we’d love to meet you!! 

SN: I would love to plan a trip to Bali and Australia towards the end of next year.  Would love to finally cross paths with you guys!!


All photos with much gratitude provided by
Chris Grant Photo
of Jettygirl Surfmag

Interview by Tracee Annetts of
Handsome Citizens

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  1. Chris Grant November 23, 2014 at 5:25 pm

    Thanks again, Handsome Citizens, for posting up this interview with Sormarie. I’m honored to have some photos running with the story as well so thank you for all your support.

    • Trace March 2, 2015 at 10:02 am

      Hey Chris, we very much respect and admire your talent, perfecting these images you create. Particularly fond of all of Sormarie’s shots, we were more than honoured to have your photography tell the story of Sormarie’s liquid-life! We shall continue to support each other into the future! Kindest wishes, Tracee H.C

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