Sex and the City 15th Year Anniversary

Posted on June 6, 2013 by Trace


Can you believe that it has been 15 years since we all became fixated by Carrie & her gang of elegantly attired girlfriends, & their antics around the NY Meatpacking District?  The fashion, the hair, the Louboutin’s, the sex-capades, the manhattans, roof-top bars & swanky restaurants.  First on our screens in 1998 & still in every girls heart to this day.  Some of our fav fashion inspired SATC images ⤹


The gloves, the clutch & those knee high socks

SexCity2 turban

The turban & one shouldered cape arm


Is Carrie responsible for all those high buns??


Shades & fur (vintage of course)


The hand warmer

sex-and-the-city2-desert sex-city-fashion-the-4

The sister-hood

carrie_bradshaw_sarah_jessica sex-and-the-city-carrie-big Sex-and-the-City-Carrie-Style


That mane of hair

carrie&big.sexandthecity sex-and-the-city-closet Sex-City-City-hall-Carrie-suit_l

And finally the fairy tale ending…

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