Sibella Court X McTavish Surfboards Collab

Posted on March 30, 2015 by Trace

S I B E L L A  C O U R T
is an Interior Stylist,  Product Designer,  Historian,  an Author of several Publications,  a Globetrotter.
She is a Creative Inspirer,  Gypsy Collector,  self proclaimed Pirate as well as many other slash this and that’s — simply a girl of countless talents.
Her love for Byron Bay and a desire to learn to surf,  bought her to this very stylish collaboration with McTavish Surfboards.

airstream-trailer-atlantic-byron-bay-conde-nast-traveller-10feb14-alicia-taylor_1440x960Photo Alicia Taylor 

The Gypsy range [collab with Sibella X McTavish] has featured in fashion shoots and destination images in numerous magazine publications. It has been firmly imprinted in our minds after seeing the Jungle Longboard in conjunction with the ever appealing beach cottage themed abodes; of Atlantic Byron Bay with their Air Stream. [See Conde Nast Traveler for more on Byron Bay, the favoured holiday destination on the most Easterly point of Australia and Atlantic Byron Bay.]

If you fancy yourself riding a piece of art whilst dangling ten little piggies over the edge, this Jungle print or the glamorous Flamingo, will complete the image.  And if surfing is just not your thing, hang one for a beach inspired statement piece for your wall.

bethany linz, sibella court jungle surfboard

Below excerpt by designer Sibella Court —

A long time love affair with Byron Bay, mixed with the ultimate desire of surfing with ease and grace led me to McTavish’s doorstep. I am definitely of the ‘All the gear, no idea’ ilk so promptly got excited about designing my very own custom board. The problem being choosing only one design, and from this the Gypsy range was born. Offering patterns & colours based on my travels & my books, I worked with some young Australian dyers, designers & artists to create unique graphics that are different on every single board.

Long boards are the coolest boards, and all levels of surfers can ride these with ease (yes even beginners can catch some waves), and it means the patterns get great coverage. I designed the pattern to sit on the bottom of the board, so if you indeed do not surf but need an uber cool piece of art in your home or bar or wherever,  you can put it straight on your wall. And if you do in fact surf, the sticky surf wax will not mess up the beautiful artwork! Win win!!!!

Below excerpt from McTavish — (October 2013)

These boards have been in the works for almost 12 months now and we’re stoked to finally be able to get them out there. These are Sibella Court x McTavish collaboration Stepdecks.

There will be 5 prints all up, these are just the first 3. Sibella has created these with help from our master laminator Billy McLean. The sizes available are 8’2″, 8’4″ and 8’6″, as a single fin or a 2+1.
The boards are easy to ride, or if you just want an amazing piece of art in your home or office; throw (place) it up on the wall.

Designers so far include:

Indigo: dyed by » Shibori 

Jungle: print by » Bethany Linz 

Flamingo: design by » The Society Inc. 

Still to come:

Giraffe: print by » Bonnie and Neil  

Suzani: design by » The Society Inc. 

sibella11 sibella12 sibella13 sibella14 sibella15 sibella16Photo’s above via McTavish of Sibella creating

» Available here now,  priced from $1995 + freight.

For more info » and McTavish Surf on » Instagram

For a peek into Sibella’s personal world » Sibella’s home with partner Ben and daughter Silver » read more » here

Thank you to McTavish Surfboards for granting permission
to share the Sibella Court collab with Handsome Citizens.

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