• B Y R O N  B A Y
    S U R F  F E S T I V A L
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The recent Annual Byron Bay Surf Festival, held for four days over February 22nd – 25th was as usual, a celebration of pure stoke with an eclectic mix of local, national and international surfers and related surf culture.

Byron Bay Surf Festival | Citizens of the Slide | The Handsome Collective | Photo Tracee Annetts
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B O B  M C T A V I S H 
B Y R O N  L I F E

O F   T H E   S L I D E
—  Not So Ordinary Citizens Interview  —

Arcadia | Bob McTavish [L] & Wayne Lynch [R] supplied by John Witzig. Possum Creek 1969 Life in Byron Bay in the 60s & 70s had become a hub for early surf culture; a haven for the musically talented, alternative ‘country soul’ surfing community as portrayed in Alby Falzon’s Morning of the Earth; and also the beginnings of MO [Multiple Occupancy]
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