2U7A4977 copy ahoy wall:la marzoc2U7A5728 Jai's painting in progressA H O Y  T R A D E R  
in a joint venture with
 S P A R R O W  C O F F E E  ✧
In unison they opened their doors on Macrossan Street,
Port Douglas on June 5th 2015.

Through the louvered front windows of the ‘Trove’
[definition: a store of valuable or delightful things]
the scene is of a salty, tropical, beach house vibe.
With homewares and art beckoning to deck your walls, along with relaxed easy flowing fashion, to make you feel at home on the beach, jetty or the deck of a yacht.
All marinating with the wafts of fresh grinds from
the Sparrow Coffee Crew,
serving up the Allpress bean, with super sonic speed.
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