… T h e  E A S E  o f  a
S U N D A Y   M O R N I N G  …
by Tracee Annetts – photography by Gabi Mulder

With those long lazy days of Summer, but a dream behind us, we’re taking a moment to reflect upon a languid Sunday morning with our face to the sun as we relax on the back porch.

Central to capturing this mood, is the ultimate chilled playlist helping you ease into a complete sense of idleness, with no inclination for anything other than falling into a dreamy blissful state.

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S L I M  A A R O N S
‘Attractive people, doing attractive things,
 in attractive places’ 
 —  Slim Aarons mantra

Slim Aarons iconic photo of the Kaufman HouseSlim Aarons [called “Slim” because of his slender body] whose real name is George Allen Aarons, photographed many of the most famous faces of the late 20th century. Continue Reading →

 O F   T H E   S L I D E  
—  Not So Ordinary Citizens Interview  — 

11357411_916308428412404_77828531_n HC:  6 things to know about

Who: Alessia Marietti, I am me… remember you can never be a better version of yourself because you are the only you.. I’m 16 years old.

From: Originally I’m from Argentina, Corsica and Italy but honestly, I say that I am from the World as I do not feel like I belong anywhere, I feel like I’m from Everywhere. I was born and grew up in Bali my whole life,  so let’s say Bali is home. Continue Reading →

 J O S I E
“She’s got a rad classic style that is all her own”

 From Byron Bay, an Ambassador for McTavish Surfboards and Volcom now with Billabong; a lover of life; she’s happy if others are happy; would dearly love to someday in the future, open an Orphanage in the Philippines.

≫ C I T I Z E N S
O F   T H E   S L I D E
— Not So Ordinary Citizens Interview —


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Zulu & Zephyr x Purienne for Spring ’14

Z and Z have really got us gaga over their new
‘Cape Town’ Collection.

Collaborating with iconic photographer
Zulu & Zephyr take us to the Coast of Cape Town –

where the sun is warm, the ocean is misty
and the beach is vibrant..☟

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E M I L Y   P E T T I T T
designer of the luxe bohemian handbags
under her label
 G E R O N I M O  B O Y 

Geronimo Boy_web-9946This girl swallows sunshine before her green smoothie breakfast; she signs off her emails with Peace, Love & Candy Canes; she is sweetness assured with a side of cheekiness and an exuberant enjoyment for life; the kind of girl that you hope to label “keeper”.

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—  t u e s d a y   t u n e s  —
 D E V E N D R A  B A N H A R T     
with his Spanish serenade
 B R I N D O 

 The song from his 2009 ‘What Will We Be’ album sets the mood for love.

Devendra-en-Ana-3Get in the bathtub! Be together!” Those were the orders given to Devendra Banhart and his girlfriend…
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Heather Goldman is a close personal friend
and talented jewelry designer from Santa Monica LA
for her brand

H E A T H E R     E N J A M I N
Heather is a creator of exquisite pieces which are handcrafted using fossils, minerals and gemstones reminiscent of the sea. She also works with silver, gold & yellow bronze made into unexpected, organic shapes. Inspired by coastal cultures, rituals and symbols, her unique pieces carry with them the beauty and mystery of the ocean and earth’s basic elements..


The Ocean Collection
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T U E S D A Y  T U N E S
S o n i c  Y o u t h
Sugar Kane

Sonic-Youth-014Sonic Youth was an American rock band from New York whom formed in 1981. The music video for Sugar Kane is shot in NYC and portrays the band performing in the midst of a fashion show by Marc Jacobs, “Grunge Collection” in 1992. Continue Reading →

O&F for HC
For those of you who haven’t yet been introduced to this duo;
O S C A R  &  F R A N K are a pair of K9 dudes with amazing vision.

These two long and lanky sausage dogs from Bondi Beach Australia, spotted a market need for stylish, unique, custom designed eyewear that matched the needs of their stylish, unique and custom designed owner and his eminently fashionable friendship group. Like a dog to a bone, the elite international fashion scene has sprung right into the lap of these, its two newest darlings.

(Read on for our interview with O & F) ☟

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S L I M   A A R O N S 
His name conjures up images of glamour.

His archive of photography
{enough to fill up 4 coffee table books,  capturing pure indulgent wanderlust}
define that legendary class known as
“The Beautiful People”.

He said it himself —
“Attractive people,  doing attractive things,  in attractive places”
Slim Aarons mantra

He kinda sells you on it,  right there.. but incase you need to see to believe —
Showcasing what “The Beautiful People” will be wearing on the beaches this Summer,  in their idyllic video filmed on Hamilton Island,  featuring the unique swimwear collection
  WE ARE HANDSOME  |  The Catalyst 2014
inspired by Slim Aarons.. ☟

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“We are all one child spinning through Mother Sky” an American Indian Proverb, Shawnee


Rated highest on HC Instagram this week
Have you met ‘We Are 365’ ?

One of the stunning sisters: Mira and Thilda who are :
“We Are 365”
www.weare365.com pictured at Minyon Falls NSW, not far out of Byron Bay.
We love these little ladies so much we will be regularly featuring some of their travelling stories and photo’s…if you’d like to see more…you can Follow them too, on Instagram @weare365

For the love of all things sassy – ‘Sass & Bide’

S&B SASS AND BIDEThe Love of all Things
It was 2001; I began flying with Virgin Blue as a Flight Attendant,
 when I bought my first pair of Sass & Bide washed blue denim jeans.
They had developed an underground following; and it became the off-duty uniform for all VB Flight Attendants, everyone was wearing the fitted denim jackets with the tulip sleeves…

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—  t u e s d a y  t u n e s  —
‘P R E T T Y  V A C A N T’


Sex Pistols were an English punk rock band that formed in London in 1975. Although their original career lasted just two-and-a-half years and produced only four singles and one studio album, ‘Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols’ they are regarded as one of the most influential acts in the history of popular music. 

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Happy 40th Birthday – Kate the Great

Kate works the pole in the White Stripes
“I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself” Official Music Video.
(Directed by Sofia Coppola feat. Kate Moss)

This January 16th marks Ms Moss’s 40th; we celebrate along with her,
featuring some of our fav Kate moments…


kate_moss_94_original☟    ✰ More Kate ✰   ✰ More Kate ✰    ☟

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Ron Howard lives up to his reputation as one of Hollywoods most gifted Directors; delivering the riveting story of James Hunt, his rivalry with Niki Lauder during the 1976 Formula One season; his womanising and fast living lifestyle.
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Magali & Matt Wed, Bali – Destination Wedding



We at Handsome Citizens can not encourage you enough, if you are heading down the aisle; to consider a destination wedding. We were married at a private villa on the cliffs of Uluwatu, Bali, with a very few intimate friends, and we recommend it highly. No stress, no fuss, beautiful surroundings, warm weather, surf/yoga/massage all at your fingertips to get the day started, your own pool and private villa, wonderful staff to look after you, and make sure your day goes to plan. Are we selling you? If you need a little more persuasion or if you just fancy a sticky beak, take a look at this wedding shown on The Lane, an on-line wedding directory.
Magali Pascal, a French fashion designer; and now husband Matt, were married in a private villa at Canggu in Bali on 6th July 2013 with a 1920’s Gatsby inspired theme, together with 120 guests. As you can see it was a magical affair, with the ceremony held on a bed of pink rose petals with a backdrop of giant bamboo at 5pm… ☟☟ Continue Reading →

Tuesday Tunes | Blondie “Call Me”

..Cover me with kisses, baby.
Cover me with love.
Roll me in designer sheets.
I’ll never get enough.
Emotions come, I don’t know why.
Cover of love’s alibi..”


With her distinctive photogenic features and two-tone bleached-blonde hair, Debbie Harry quickly became a punk icon. Her look was further popularized by the band’s early presence in the music video revolution of the era. She was a regular at Studio 54..

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Nostaligic for Retro Movies



If you were a kid of the 80’s you will remember these images from iconic movies of the time..’9 & a half weeks’, ‘The Outsiders’, ‘St Elmo’s Fire’, ‘About Last Night’, ‘The Blue Lagoon’ and ‘Grease’… take a nostalgic wander   ➷➷ Continue Reading →