To date we have had the pleasure of a talented bunch
of female Sea Gypsies who’ve featured in our
Citizens Of The Slide Interviews.
And until now no Sea Pirates to add some testosterone
to the mix. Enter Wisp aka
all burly and bearded. Something we noticed
from his recent McTavish
“Dedicated to the Craft” film is that he has soul, and is passionate about his surfing..

  C I T I Z E N S
O F  T H E  S L I D E

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This is
M I C K  R O D G E R S
aka @mrrodgers_neighborhood

Mick resides in Encinitas, California and has been captured by local photographers, as well as featuring in several videos carving up waves in his ‘neighborhood’ & rolling around in his vintage Chevrolet utility.
We have been entranced by his super fluid style for many moons now. We had some questions for him…

  C I T I Z E N S
O F  T H E  S L I D E

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T U E S D A Y  T U N E S
this week supporting Australian smooth grooves from
the soundtrack to Life Like Liquid (The Movie)
by professional free surfer & Ocean Preserver
Dave Rastovich.
Life Like Liquid is an in-sight into the liquid and free flowing lifestyles of musicians and surfers. Delving into the art of riding ocean waves and sound waves through spontaneous and intuitive improvisation.

This track features lead singer of

KingTide.BandW2It’s been five years since Australia’s premier rocksteady-reggae-got-soul band King Tide released their highly acclaimed album Roots Pop Reggae.
Read on☟

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A S H L E Y  L L O Y D 

Ashley Lloyd is a woman surfer who not only brings grace, beauty and style to the line-up she is also one of few women who shapes surfboards and who owns her own shaping business.

With equal artistic brilliance she also adds these other talents to her personal achievements list: Surf Instructor, Artist, and talented Guitarist/Musician.
In the male-dominated surfing/surfboard shaping world its great to see Ashley carving her own path from the kelp-infested waters of Santa Cruz….☟
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We have fallen in love with the concept of new film
 S p i r i t  o f
A k a s h a 

celebrating 40 years since the
release of cult surf film
M O R N I N G  of the
The film which will capture our hearts again, with modern day surfer’s riding single fins, and its new soundtrack. Continue Reading →

Tuesday Tunes | Morning of the Earth | Terry Hanningan “I’ll be Alright”

We chose this weeks Tuesday Tunes to coincide with our recent move to Bali. We are chasing a more simplistic way of life.  Morning of the Earth is a 1971 classic surf film by Alby Falzon and David Elfick. And although our electronic obsessed society is nothing like the free & simple 70’s, we would dearly love to let go of the consumerism; that we like everyone else, is currently caught up in (noted: we still have our computers & devices, firmly in hand!) To focus instead on having a simple roof over our heads, (bungalow) which has little space for storing clothing; requiring us to limit the wardrobe; no car; no air conditioning and with only cold water. Best of all the location of this sea/tree change is none other than the area near by Uluwatu, the scene of many of the iconic images in the Morning of the Earth surf film adventure.. ☟
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DAVE RASTOVICH //// Minds In The Water – Documentary


rasta_markets2.HandsomeCitizensRasta in India, with an audience of goats (top)
Rasta – Indian Markets (above)

Who is Dave Rastovich?

Rasta used to be married to a mermaid. His signature boardshorts are made out of recycled plastics. He’s ‘saving the whales’.

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