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“From birth man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. He is bolted to Earth. But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free”
Jacques Yves Cousteau – Oceanographer

This week once again, the hearts of our Instagram followers have been stolen
by the lure of the Ocean. With these three sea related images rating just
a few numbers apart in ‘likes’.
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We have fallen in love with the concept of new film
 S p i r i t  o f
A k a s h a 

celebrating 40 years since the
release of cult surf film
M O R N I N G  of the
The film which will capture our hearts again, with modern day surfer’s riding single fins, and its new soundtrack. Continue Reading →

Rasta.HCSeea.Drifter.Bali.HC cross.stepping.hcThese images have been the biggest hits on our Instagram page the last few weeks.

Like some daily surf | yoga | skate | beach culture | inspiration?

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Bingin Beach Bukit Peninsula Bali

StairwayToHeaven.HandsomeCitizensThe Many Steps of Bingin, so worth the journey down to the beach mecca below.
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This weeks highest rated images on HC Instagram 

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Tuesday Tunes | Morning of the Earth | Terry Hanningan “I’ll be Alright”

We chose this weeks Tuesday Tunes to coincide with our recent move to Bali. We are chasing a more simplistic way of life.  Morning of the Earth is a 1971 classic surf film by Alby Falzon and David Elfick. And although our electronic obsessed society is nothing like the free & simple 70’s, we would dearly love to let go of the consumerism; that we like everyone else, is currently caught up in (noted: we still have our computers & devices, firmly in hand!) To focus instead on having a simple roof over our heads, (bungalow) which has little space for storing clothing; requiring us to limit the wardrobe; no car; no air conditioning and with only cold water. Best of all the location of this sea/tree change is none other than the area near by Uluwatu, the scene of many of the iconic images in the Morning of the Earth surf film adventure.. ☟
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Tuesday Tunes | Years Around the Sun | “Miles Away”

We’re loving this song.. as much as the video..
‘Miles Away’ (Acoustic Edit)

With songs featured in several surf films, the group caught the attention of
renowned film director Taylor Steele,
who asked the band to write a song for his upcoming film,
Sipping Jetstreams.
The band recorded Heart Delay for the film and soon gained international
recognition. In 2010, they recorded three more songs for Steele’s
follow up film, Castles in the Sky.
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S e 7 e n S i g n s
a Travelling Film, presented by Innersection Films is a story of Six Filmakers, Six Countries, and a Multitude of talent – Joel Fitzgerald, Harrison Roach, Ozzy Wright & more.

Another experiment in collaborative filmmaking. Featuring Deus Motorcycles for the journey.
Release date December 2013..
Get the juices flowing with this quick hit.

Tribute video to ‘Buttons’ – Hawaii’s lost son

RIP Buttons – with his trademark bushy afroed head, his outrageously loose, original and creative small wave ripping in Hawaiian waters through the mid to late 1970s, he pretty much defied every accepted surfing style of the time.

Full story on Buttons and how he has influenced surfing here

DAVE RASTOVICH //// Minds In The Water – Documentary


rasta_markets2.HandsomeCitizensRasta in India, with an audience of goats (top)
Rasta – Indian Markets (above)

Who is Dave Rastovich?

Rasta used to be married to a mermaid. His signature boardshorts are made out of recycled plastics. He’s ‘saving the whales’.

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