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First there was Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot.
They had a brief, passionate affair, both were married at the time.
Bardot, aged 34, was still a huge star, but her film career appeared to be over.
 sergeandbardot-bonnie-and-clyde-theredlist more.. much much more..

Photo above Brigitte and Serge whilst recording Je t’aime…moi non plus 1967

Gainsbourg assisted Bardot transition from film to music, providing her with some memorable psych-pop material. 

brigitte-bardot--large-msg-131870273538Then Serge met Jane Birkin; an upper-middle-class Englishwoman 18 years younger than Gainsbourg. They met on the set of the film Slogan (1968), in which Serge had a small acting role.
“He was mesmerising company,” she says. “His talent and odd sense of shyness seemed to demand affection.” 1969, she and Gainsbourg released the duet “Je t’aime… moi non plus” [“I love you… me neither”], that had not yet been released due to Bardot’s jealous husband. See more of this story and the two song versions H E R E 

Then to complete the △, Jane starred with Brigitte as Bardot’s lover in ‘Don Juan’ or ‘If Don Juan Were a Woman’ in 1973.

Jane confessed, “I wanted to see every portion of her [Bardot’s] body to see if she was as beautiful as I thought she was, and she is. Checked from head to toe by me. There’s not one fault in the woman.”


Jane & Serge had a daughter, Charlotte Gainsbourg [actor] and also brought up Jane’s daughter, from her first marriage; Kate Barry [photographer].

360e83ce92aea4b2d5e536db74c03074They split in 1980, a relationship that lasted 13 years. They never married, despite rumours and misreporting to the contrary; with Birkin citing Gainsbourg’s alcoholism as the cause.

Kate-Barry-1-300x198 © Copyright 2006 Corbis Corporation © Copyright 2006 Corbis Corporation

“The whole of France lived vicariously through Serge,” says maverick singer-songwriter Bertrand Burgalat…

“And not many of us got to have it off with Bardot or Birkin. But we loved the fact that an ugly guy like him did. He was our representative in showbiz, and we love him for it!”

serge-gainsbourg-jane-birkin3-e1286455516878“I never actually had a relationship with him,” says Marianne Faithfull, who first met Serge in 1965. “But I sometimes wish I had. You could tell that anyone who slept with him would come away very satisfied indeed. Ha ha! He had a wonderful aura of quiet confidence around him, an odd mixture of shyness and arrogance.”

* Story content sourced from | the | Jane Birkin Wikipedia

Lou-Doillon-5-0513 See Jane Birkins other daughter
Lou Doillon, a talented musician here

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