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b e n  h a r p e r

Harper’s beliefs are deeply entrenched in his music. The roots of social and political comment percolate over the melodies. What separates Harper from countless other singer/songwriters is an emotional intensity and a lyrical intelligence that speak directly to the heart.

“I grew up listening to spiritual music, Blind Willie Johnson and folk. Folk is bare bones music. You can’t be too clever with it because it’s the people’s music. It’s the blood in the veins of the common man. You can play around with the tradition a bit, twist it to make it part of your inner self but you don’t really want to fuck with it too much.

ben-harper“The stark images and concise writing harken back to the ghosts of Bob Marley and Hank Williams Sr. The literary teeth of such songs as “Oppression,” “God Fearing Man” and “Excuse Me Mr.” bear witness to modern day injustices and evils, yet follow in the footsteps of gospel and dust bowl folk with their universal messages.

“Burn One Down” is a song written and performed by Ben Harper as the sixth track on his 1995 album Fight for Your Mind. The song has been called a “James-Taylor-meets-Bob-Marley moment” for Harper, and the song is a pro-marijuana anthem. It remains one of Harper’s most performed songs live.

Fight for Your Mind was his last solo album before adding the Innocent Criminals to his line-up. Reviews were generally very positive, praising Harper’s fusion of multiple genres, from folk ‘Another Lonely Day’, folk rock ‘Gold to Me’, Black Sabbath-style riffing heavy metal ‘Ground on Down’ and politically charged reggae ‘Excuse Me Mr’.

Above sourced from : Drop-D Magazine

“My choice is what I choose to do
And if I’m causing no harm
It shouldn’t bother you
Your choice is who you choose to be
And if you’re causin’ no harm
Then you’re alright with me”


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