Tuesday Tunes | Morning of the Earth | Terry Hanningan “I’ll be Alright”

Posted on February 4, 2014 by Trace

We chose this weeks Tuesday Tunes to coincide with our recent move to Bali. We are chasing a more simplistic way of life.  Morning of the Earth is a 1971 classic surf film by Alby Falzon and David Elfick. And although our electronic obsessed society is nothing like the free & simple 70’s, we would dearly love to let go of the consumerism; that we like everyone else, is currently caught up in (noted: we still have our computers & devices, firmly in hand!) To focus instead on having a simple roof over our heads, (bungalow) which has little space for storing clothing; requiring us to limit the wardrobe; no car; no air conditioning and with only cold water. Best of all the location of this sea/tree change is none other than the area near by Uluwatu, the scene of many of the iconic images in the Morning of the Earth surf film adventure.. ☟

..The film portrays surfers living in spiritual harmony with nature, making their own boards (and homes) as they travelled in search of the perfect waves across Australia’s north-east coast, Bali and Hawaii.
The films’ soundtrack includes music and songs by noted Australian music acts.

Surfers featured are:

Chris Brock
Stephen Cooney
Terry Fitzgerald
Barry Kanaiaupuni
Gerry Lopez
Rusty Miller
Michael Peterson
Baddy Treloar
Mark Warren
Nat Young

Locations Featured :

Kirra, Queensland
Lennox Head, New South Wales
Broken Head, New South Wales
Angourie, New South Wales
Whale Beach, New South Wales (Sydney)


Rocky Point  &  the North Shore, Oahu

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