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Wonder at the extraordinary talent of this revolutionary and iconic musician. The mystique and enigma of the little know artist: Sixto Rodriguez — an American folk-rock singer/songwriter in the tradition of Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens.


Rodriguez grew up in a run-down working class area of Detroit, Michigan and worked mostly as a manual laborer, singing at night in small, smoke-filled bars.
The music doco ‘Searching for Sugarman’ and its accompanying soundtrack will captivate you. This musical genius lived and still lives a very simple humble life, far away from the glamorous existence that his equally talented peers of the same era enjoyed.
Sixto Diaz Rodriguez: (also known as Rodríguez or Jesús Rodríguez; born July 10, 1942)  whose career initially proved short lived, with two little-sold albums in the early 1970s and two Australian concert tours.
Though no one knows exactly how, his albums somehow made their way to South Africa and circulated among white Afrikaans musicians. Unbeknownst to him, his work became extremely successful and influential in South Africa, and continued to retain a loyal following in Australia. According to the film-makers of the documentary, ‘Searching for Sugar Man’, at one time he sold more records than Elvis Presley in South Africa. It was mistakenly rumored that he had committed suicide. Allegedly during an unsuccessful concert, he shot himself in the head or died from a drug overdose.

sixto-rodriguez-600x400rodriguez.sugarmanIn the 1990s, determined South African fans managed to find and contact him, which led to an unexpected revival of his musical career. This is told in the 2012 Award–winning documentary film Searching for Sugar Man which helped give Rodriguez a measure of fame in his home country. Rodriguez lives in Detroit’s historic Woodbridge neighbourhood,  which he is seen walking through in Searching for Sugar Man.



I wonder how many times you’ve been had
And I wonder how many plans have gone bad
I wonder how many times you had sex
I wonder do you know who’ll be next
I wonder l wonder wonder I do

I wonder about the love you can’t find
And I wonder about the loneliness that’s mine
I wonder how much going have you got
And I wonder about your friends that are not
I wonder I wonder I wonder I do

I wonder about the tears in children’s eyes
And I wonder about the soldier that dies
I wonder will this hatred ever end
I wonder and worry my friend
I wonder I wonder wonder don’t you?

I wonder how many times you been had
And I wonder how many dreams have gone bad
I wonder how many times you’ve had sex
And I wonder do you care who’ll be next
I wonder I wonder wonder I do


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