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T U E S D A Y  T U N E S
this week an epic classic written by Jim Morrison
‘THE END’ by
T H E  D O O R S

Morrison originally wrote the song about breaking up with his girlfriend Mary Werbelow.

The Doors developed the song during live performances at the Whisky a Go Go, a Los Angeles club where they were the house band in 1966.
They had to play two sets a night, so they were forced to extend their songs in order to fill the sets. This gave them a chance to experiment with their songs. This started as a short song about a farewell to a girl, and developed into an 11 minute epic. The band would perform the song to close their last set. It was first released in January 1967.

the-doors4708CE9AAT H E  E N D is death, although the song also deals with Jim Morrison’s parents – it contains Oedipal themes of loving the mother and killing the father. Morrison was always vague as to the meaning, explaining: “It could be almost anything you want it to be.”

10442_image_22503px-jim_morrison_19692Interviewed by Lizze James, he pointed out the meaning of the verse “My only friend, the End”:

“Sometimes the pain is too much to examine, or even tolerate… That doesn’t make it evil, though – or necessarily dangerous. But people fear death even more than pain. It’s strange that they fear death. Life hurts a lot more than death. At the point of death, the pain is over. Yeah – I guess it is a friend…”

Shortly past the midpoint of the nearly 12-minute long album version, the song enters a spoken word section with the words, “The killer awoke before dawn…”
That section of the song reaches a dramatic climax with the lines, “Father / Yes son? / I want to kill you / Mother, I want to…”
with the next words screamed out unintelligibly.

Ray Manzarek, the former keyboard player for the Doors, explained:

He was giving voice in a rock ‘n’ roll setting to the Oedipus complex, at the time a widely discussed tendency in Freudian psychology. He wasn’t saying he wanted to do that to his own mom and dad. He was re-enacting a bit of Greek drama. It was theatre.

This is supposedly the last song Morrison heard. The night he died, he was playing old Doors albums, ending with this one. This was the last song on that album.

473110301 Source and for more on the meanings
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