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W I N T E R  S W E L L

Unless your local surf-spot is on or near the Equator, there comes a time of year when you need to get re-aquainted with the neoprene pushed to the back of your closet.
Winter Denial is getting a Reality-Check!

Winter Swell | Biarritz | Marta Tomasini | Handsome Citizens | Winter Surf | WetsuitsSelf-confessed Surf addict Marta Tomasini  from on-line Journal Surfragette, is an Italian living in the Coastal town of Biarritz, France. All too familiar with surfing in cold water; her passion for the stoke gives her the  motivation to face the coldest days of the Season.
She shares her Winter tips with us…

Marta Tomasini |Handsome Citizens | Surfragette |Biarittz |Winter Surf | Wetsuits Marta Tomasini | Handsome Citizens | Surfragette | Biarittz | Winter Surf | Wetsuits

Everlasting rains, cloudy weather and a drop in temperature… In the Northern Hemisphere surfing starts becoming an activity for the tougher ones.

The idea of getting out there in the cold water and paddling toward the line up, is making me linger longer over my [second] cup of hot tea.

But I know you [and I] have the strength and the passion to be persistent and take advantage of the less crowded months. With some little tips cold weather surfing will be less of an effort and I bet you’ll be paddling into the line up next weekend! 

Here we go!

Marta Tomasini |Handsome Citizens | Surfragette |Biarittz | Winter Surf | Wetsuits1. Invest some money in a good wetsuit

Yes, I know, talking money is always a delicate issue. But I firmly believe that a GOOD wetsuit can really make the difference. Two good wetsuits even more. I’ve tried some different brands over the years and I get it, that a little investment now can save you money later, when your base wetsuit won’t be enough to get through the coldest months.
If you feel like it wouldn’t be worth the expense, try to have a look for past season premium wetsuits in your favorite surf shop sales, or check on the web for multi-brands e-shops for deals. I always do! 

I personally use Xcel Wetsuits and I have to say I’m rather a happy customer. For its flexibility and warmth I think it’s one of the best brands I’ve ever tried. I’d be happy to hear your experience and exchange suggestions too!

Then Patagonia just launched its new Eco-friendly wetsuit!! Expensive, but totally worth the cost in order to do what we love the most and preserve the future of our planet.

Here’s a few suggestions for some winter gear you might want to give a try!

Marta Tomasini |Handsome Citizens | Surfragette |Biarittz | Winter Surf | WetsuitsSHOP THESE LINKS   | 1 | Xcel Infiniti X2 or TDC 4.3.  | 2 | Patagonia R3 Back Zip. | 3 | Roxy Syncro 3mm round toe boot. | 4 | Rip Curl Flashbomb 5.4 Hooded. | 5 | Patagonia R2 Gloves. | 6 | Rip Curl Flashbomb 3mm Wetsuit Hood.   

2. Exercise

This is quite a hard point for me. Yep, I hate work outs and the idea of getting out there in the cold and going for a run gives me goosebumps, in the worst way.
But even though I’m not a gym kind of girl, I have to say good exercise gives you that extra push you need [and beg for] when you’re paddling in 12°C water. Endurance and cardio are some things we need to work on. Yoga and stretching will definitely help us make our muscles flexible and prevent us from pain and injuries. After a tough winter session, we’ll be grateful and all the hard work will have paid off!

I promise I’ll give the gym a chance too!
 Marta Tomasini | Handsome Citizens | Surfragette | Biarritz | Winter Surf | Wetsuits3. Wear Warm Clothing

All those soft furry coats, boots, hats, jumpers, they’re not just darn cute, they’re so warm too!!! This is one of those scenarios where beauty meets functionality. And after a cold session you may just want to jump into your furry boots and cuddle yourself with a boiling hot cup of tea.

Speaking of which…

Marta Tomasini |Handsome Citizens | Surfragette | Morning Coffee | Biarittz | Winter Surf | Wetsuits

4. Be smart

There are some tricks I’m sure you surf bunnies already know, but still worth a mention. Always bring with you a thermos filled with your favorite hot drink; like coffee, tea or chocolate. Post-surf this will revive your spirit, and your body, with some warm energy.
Another trick: fill a big plastic bottle or container with boiling hot water, wrap it in a towel and leave it in your trunk. When you come out of the water you’ll have a warm shower waiting for you! And your feet will be ready to push the car pedals again!

Velvet Surf |Surfragette | Handsome.Citizens | Winter Surf | Wetsuits | Biarritz 5. Pee!

I mean, in your wetsuit!!! Come on, I know you do it! Almost Everybody does. When you’re immersed in cold water, your body needs to balance your inner temperature and let liquids go.
So, it’s totally normal! Plus, it will make you feel warmer. It’s a win-win! Just make sure to take a proper shower once you get home. And rinse your wetsuit too!

Another of Handsome Citizens favourite Surf Brands; SEEA make some great in-between suits, if you’re surfing in the not-quite 12°C zone, and just want a little extra warmth. Try these.. 

Carmel suit Seea | Handsome Citizens Carmel Suit Seea | Handsome Citizens Seea SS15 Cardiff 2mm Neoprene Suit | Handsome Citizens

Click on images to shop. 


Author | Photography Credits via : Marta Tomasini of Surfragette.

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