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“I closed my eyes and spoke to you in a thousand silent ways” — Rumi

 Y O G A :
  When in..?


Handsome Citizens preferred Yoga Studios Bali, Australia, USA, Mexico and more

– B A L I –

The Temple Lodge – Bingin

The Temple Lodge specialise in Vinyasa & Hatha Flows, in an exquisite destination, perfect for a Yoga holiday or a drop-in Yoga class. Classes are held daily at 8am [no need to book] and check with Temple for info about their Evening classes. Held in a tranquil studio, complete with many buddha statues and overhanging vines with gorgeous white flowers [pictured above by Maui Maka Photography]. Their dedicated teachers, proprieter Cristiana teaches Hatha classes, with local Californian resident, Dana taking the dynamic Vinyasa flows. [Dana is one of our favourite Bingin humans and teacher; if you enjoy a strong flow you can find her at Temple Lodge on Wednesday & Weekend mornings. She also teaches at ‘Morning Light Yoga Uluwatu’, see below] Other teachers have since been added to their timetable. Such a blissful start to your day. Temple Lodge is perched atop limestone cliffs, overlooking Bingin beach; with views from Uluwatu to Kuta.. which is far far away in the distance.
They have an onsite spa dedicated to full body Balinese massage, ideal for tired yoga and surfing muscles.
The Temple Lodge Restaurant has unmatched views, their meals are made lovingly; combining healthy foods, sourced from homemade & mostly organic produce. They welcome after class Yogi’s for breakfast and lunch or book in for a 3 course dinner with this extraordinary Italian family and guests. We are so grateful to have shared bountiful feasts and so many laughs with the Ilotte Family over the years. It will be a dinner party you won’t soon forget! 

Temple Lodge web here

Mu – Bingin

LEILANI pictured above

Mu is a secluded, heavenly cliff top property located at Bingin. Their Yoga classes are provided for all levels for Guests and drop-in classes. If you’re not staying on-site check in at Mu reception and receive all the details on teachers and schedule, no need to book. The classes are taken by several different teachers offering Vinyasa Flow and various other styles. 
With glimpses of the Ocean as well as garden views from the circular, thatched roof, open air Yoga Shala; this is a beautiful way to get your day started or to ease down at the end of one.
Mu website here
One of Mu’s previous teachers, Leilani [pictured above] is a Spiritual Goddess you can follow her adventures on Instagram here, one day she may return to the Island of the Gods. 

Morning Light Yoga
– Uluwatu Surf Villas –

UluwatuSurfVillas.Yoga.StudioTop photo via Morning Light
Bottom DANA pictured forward facing by Handsome Citizens

Vinyasa Flow classes are held daily at 07:30am and 10:30am in the ‘Morning Light Yoga Studio’ of Uluwatu Surf Villas [another stunning clifftop property for boutique accommodation on the Bukit]. Again spoilt for choice with talented teachers including Dana [as mentioned in Temple Lodge] Jess and others. They will lead you through a strong Vinyasa practice, physically challenging for most, but also catering for the newer Yogi. Their beautiful surroundings will leave you feeling blissed as you float off their raised Yoga platform with views of Uluwatu treetops one side & glimpses of the Ocean on the other.
Morning Light Yoga web here

Desa Seni – A Village Resort – Canggu

Desa Seni is located in Canggu, a small village on the beach about 20 minutes north of Seminyak. They have accommodation & daily yoga classes with a wide range of styles and a bursting timetable. The property is truly beautiful & tranquilly situated. A haven of peace. You literally feel as if you are stepping into an enchanted fairy tale; a different time and space. Birds chirping, gentle breezes stirring the bamboo trees, gardeners in their traditional conical paddy hats; tending to the vegetable gardens, everything moves at a  slowed down and relaxed pace. The studio is positioned in a lush green garden, open air with the thatched roof above and wooden floorboards under-mat. The class’s are well attended and teacher Angela was passionate, leading us through a very enjoyable sequence, catering to a handful of brand-new-to-yoga students, whilst stretching and lengthening deeply into some of my favourite asana’s.  Make sure you add Desa Seni to your list of things to do, whilst in Bali. See more HC stories on Desa Seni here
Photo above taken by HC during the Yogathon held annually.

Desa Seni Web here

Soulshine – Ubud Bali
Soulshine Bali was created by two friends, Michael Franti [Yes, musician Michael Franti] and Carla Swanson who’s shared love of balinese culture inspired them to create a place where others could come and enjoy the magic of this beautiful island.
“Our goal is to create a place of happiness where you can come relax, play, eat great food and just get back to being yourself.” Soulshine has a wide range of yoga activities for all levels. Immerse yourself in a week long yoga retreat with world renowned instructors or plan your own retreat here. Covered by a traditional balinese roof, the open air yoga studio on the third floor overlooks some of the most inspiring views. Panoramic rice terraces, traditional temples and greenest jungle in the world will keep your practice flowing. – Soulshine is high on the HC hit-list! Sounds amazing, we can’t wait to check it out!! Soulshine Bali web here

Yoga Arts – Retreats & Teacher Trainings

Edo & Jo pictured above. Both photos taken during Level 1, 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Ubud, by Tracee of Handsome Citizens – student. 

If you are looking for a yoga holiday/retreat or a well-reputed school to complete a Yoga Teacher Training Qualification, then I would not hesitate to recommend you come to Yoga Arts. I undertook my Level 1 Teacher Training with them led by Louisa Sear Founder, Director and Course Co-ordinator. Louisa has been practicing Yoga for 30 years and teaching nationally and internationally for over 26 years. Louisa and the Yoga Arts’ teaching faculty bring their passion and many years of experience to their internationally recognized Yoga Teacher Trainings and Yoga Retreats. Louisa holds the highest level of Accreditation with Yoga Alliance E-RYT500. Other fantastic teachers who will encourage & inspire you with a wealth of knowledge on your Teacher Training Course could be Lucy Roberts [more below] & Trish Peacock [Shake your Buddhabelow]

Learn more about Yoga Arts here

*It is with deep sadness that since my Teacher Training with Yoga Arts, of which our class were all honoured to share our month in the company of Edo & Jo [pictured]; Jo has since passed on to the heavenly skies.

If you enjoyed Edo & Jo’s divine Kirtan sounds often heard in Yoga classes or on one of their numerous tours; of which music guided them nomadically across the globe, you can see the video celebrating the life of
Jo Mall Kahn on

Edo & Jo facebook here


The Shala Bali – Ubud

This beautiful new Yoga space – The Shala Bali – located in the rice fields of Ubud, is directed by Louisa Sear [as mentioned in Yoga Arts above] and other friends. They will be running Retreats and Yoga Teacher Training Events.
For more details see their website here

Lucy Roberts Yoga  –  Retreat’s

Lucy Roberts[pictured] holds Yoga Retreats in Bali, India, Japan & Byron Bay.  “If you have or wish to open a deep, life enriching yoga practice, her retreats are a great way to drop in, while stepping out. If you plan to travel to India, Japan or Bali – or dream to be – see Lucy’s pages for inspiration” – Testimonial ~ Michael Ash.
Lucy says : “My practice, and therefore teaching, seeks to nourish and enliven body, mind and heart in equal measure. For the body – both dynamic and restorative yoga asana in a fluid vinyasa style, and guided movement/dance meditations; for the mind – meditation, pranayama, mantra, and the philosophy that binds them all together; and for the heart – sweet music, kirtan, puja, community, and the aspiration to align my life and will as much as possible to that which feels like wisdom and love.”
Lucy Roberts Yoga website + facebook

Radiantly Alive  –  Ubud

Daniel Aaron is a Yogi, writer, chocolatier, and human potential coach, he shares his passion for yoga, raw food nutrition and spiritual insight – and how to use them as potent tools to evoke our highest potential. Daniel’s classes are fun, eclectic, strenuous and inspiring, helping students accept themselves fully and challenge their limitations. Radiantly Alive also provide Yoga Teacher Training’s. Located in the heart of Ubud, this is a stunning studio crafted from timber featuring stunning floorboards & high ceilings.
Radiantly Alive web here

Yoga Barn  –  Ubud

The Yoga Barn was created by its founders for the soul purpose of bringing together community and giving back to the island of Bali. Launched in 2007, The Yoga Barn’s buildings have an indigenous Balinese feel to them. Coupled with a spiritual vibe, The Yoga Barn is at once earthy and rustic, relaxing, friendly and unpretentious. As a center dedicated to healing and renewal, The Yoga Barn provides a lush and inspiring environment for the nourishment of body, mind and soul. Daily classes and workshops range from traditional yoga styles of Classical Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Power, Pranayama, Restorative, Iyengar, Yin & Anusara. Other modalities include Meditation, Sound Medicine, Kirtan and Ecstatic Dance.  The Yoga Barn is located in the center of Ubud, and is within walking distance of Jalan Monkey Forest. Encompassing over 50are, The Yoga Barn is nestled amidst rice paddies, an organic farm & a jungle ravine. A vibrant expat community, the town of Ubud is well known for its deeply Balinese Hindu culture, the warmth of its people, boutique shopping, international food, and a peaceful easy-going lifestyle.
Yoga Barn web here

– A U S T R A L I A –


CREATURE YOGA – Arts & Industry Estate

For my personal favourite Yoga classes.. anywhere.. These two heavenly creatures, Bess Prescott and Tahl Rinsky will make you laugh, sometimes cry, [one more breath!], sing, chant, sweat and float – when in Byron you MUST go here!
From the warmth of their characters, to the knowledge they impart, to the euphoric feeling you gain from being in their company along with a deep sense of community felt from sharing space with the fellow yogi’s beside you.

CreatureYog.Tahl.Bess2 CreatureYoga.Tahl.Bess
Teaching variations of Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin and my favourite – Embodied Flow™ [taken by studio owner, Bess] with a schedule that features a range of times to suit most lifestyles. Other than Bess and Tahl, all teachers at the studio are well worth exploring!

The studio is in a state of metamorphose, currently raw and simple; located in the Arts and Industry Estate of Byron Bay. Trust me when I say this place has more heart and soul than you will find anywhere. Bess and Tahl began teaching together at The Farm in Byron and were originally known as Farm Yoga. Follow them in their new incarnation as Creature Yoga. All schedule details here
Follow their grams and be uplifted daily
@bessyyoga | @trinskyyoga |

Brooke Hudson – Suffolk Park
Brooke Hudson teaches a Vinyasa Flow specialising in Mindfulness and Balance for busy lives. Brooke has led an extremely fast paced existence over the past 10 years as a successful Business Owner, which caused her to suffer from Burn Out. From this, she was drawn to completing her Yoga Teacher Training to seek balance in her own hectic lifestyle. Her focus is to help you unwind, de-stress and incorporate breath work to gift you with tools to help you through your busy day.
Brooke is co-hosting an incredible Eco-luxe Wellness Retreat : ‘Togat Flow‘ held at the tropical sanctuary  Togat Nusa Retreat in the Mentawai Islands Indonesia, from July 22nd – August 1st ’16.
For details and for Private tuition with Brooke
contact her via Instagram

Byron Yoga Centre – Byron Town

The yoga taught at Byron Yoga Centre is called Purna, meaning integrated or complete. Purna Yoga represents a holistic approach to yoga integrating not just the physical postures but also philosophy, meditation, pranayama breath control and the yogic personal and social code of ethics. John Ogilvie [pictured above] founder and director of the Byron Yoga Centre, has been teaching yoga for over twenty-five years.
John encourages a light heartedness in our approach to yoga and to ourselves. Teaching regular classes as part of the Byron Yoga studio weekly timetable, his classes are both challenging and dynamic, and integrate the different yoga styles of Iyengar and Ashtanga, as well as the softer Sivananda and Satyananda practices of yoga and the energy principles of Aikido. Their timetable offers a range of diverse teachers.
Byron Yoga Centre website here

Ananta Yoga – Byron Town

Geoff Brooks [pictured] training comes from a variety of Hatha Yoga styles and includes study in San Francisco, Sydney & Byron Bay. Ananta Yoga Byron Bay developed as an individual style primarily due to the fact that Geoff has no single discipline of Yoga, or movement, which creates the style which he teaches. The primary influences come from Krishnamacharya’s lineage of what is generally called Hatha Yoga – through to more modern styles and a variety of flow techniques and body movement styles found in Yoga, Martial Arts and Dance.
Other fantastic teachers on the schedule have much to offer and Nikki’s classes are very popular, so get there early!
Ananta Yoga:
Website & facebook

–  BRISBANE  &  GOLD COAST, Queensland  –

Teneriffe Yoga – Brisbane

Sally Robbins [pictured] is a Dual Olympian and is also a Certificate III & IV- Personal Trainer & Level 1 Cross Fit Trainer. She leads a creative Yoga sequence of Hatha-Vinyasa, honouring the art and philosophy of yoga, integrating traditional postures with the breath and mediation. With a focus on postural correction, flexibility, core control and balance. It is held in a beautiful large warehouse studio space, set to differing styles of music, including DJ inspired deep beats.  Sally’s class always leaves you with a new sense of bliss, she is warm, smiling and very welcoming to new students of all ages. Her sequencing honours all levels and will leave you feeling spacious and challenged.

“Living our dreams, inspired by health” – Sally Robbins
Teneriffe Yoga Web & facebook


Raw Power Yoga – Newstead, Brisbane

Raw Power Yogas’ name says it all with it’s signature style being Power Yoga, however with variations on the expected, with classes that also invite you to slow down. Such as Raw Yin and Long Slow Deep [LSD] which helps to target deeper connective tissues especially around the hips, pelvis and lower spine. Perfect for athletes or anyone coping with emotional or physical stress.
Raw Power and Raw Flow are challenging and rewarding: with plenty of practice at arm balances, inversions and back bends. Inspired by the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa, fusing the latest dynamic techniques with ancient traditions to create a total workout for body, mind and spirit. Strengthen and tone the muscles, increases flexibility, and build core strength, whilst also calming the mind. Leave feeling lighter, balanced and focused. With many options on teachers and styles, you will find a dynamic & challenging flow with all their teachers whom all cater for various levels. We have flowed with founder Simon Kerle [pictured] and Mika Arai-Coupe, both inspiring teachers.

Raw Power Yoga web and facebook

My Health Yoga – Brisbane & Gold Coast

My Health Yoga has studios in New Farm Brisbane, and in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast, and runs teacher training courses from Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, as well as correspondence for people in outback Australia.
Teacher Ourania Karydis [pictured] was a favourite class of ours in the Brisbane Studio.
Its a sure-bet that you will love her meditation…
“Grow each moment, laugh in each moment, feel in each moment, breathe each moment, be present in each moment, love each moment & all else will come” – Ourania Karydis.
Ourania also runs her own Studio located at Geebung
Ourania Yoga web here –
My Health Yoga Website & facebook

Trish Peacock – Shake Your Buddha – Beenleigh

Trish Peacock [pictured] will challenge and inspire you, and win your heart with her beautiful energy; she can also play guitar & sing like an angel!  It is obvious to all who meet her that Trish has a warm and caring passion for people and she enjoys any opportunity to promote the healing and scientifically proven benefits of yoga. ‘Shake your Buddha’ offers yoga classes in Beenleigh; there are three locations – see web here
Trish is also often a leading teacher at the Yoga Arts Teacher Training’s held in Ubud.
[See Yoga Arts details above]

Follow Shake Your Buddha on facebook

Santina – InSan Yoga – Broadbeach, Gold Coast

Santina [pictured] is one driven & focused devotee of Yoga. She specialises in teaching training events at studios from the Gold to the Sunshine Coasts & between. She declares herself to be ‘somewhat’ insane, possesses a wicked sense of humour and contagious energy and enthusiasm. Santina has been practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga for 7 years, having completed 2nd and 3rd Ashtanga Series under the guidance of Mark Togni. She has completed the Master Level of the Nicky Knoff Yoga System. Santina teaches some of the best athletes in the world, including World Champion Surfer Mick Fanning; she lives and works on the Gold Coast. Santina teaches classes at Chelsea Ave Broadbeach, Private Sessions & also holds Retreats.
For more details see InSan Yoga web and facebook 

Taryn Vinson
— WANDERLuxe Yoga 

Rainbow Bay above: Taryn Vinson by Handsome Citizens

WANDERLuxe Yoga founder Taryn Vinson; is a certified Yoga and Pilates instructor dedicating her life to learning.
She has a dedicated daily Mysore Practice.
She says : “My practice has been a journey. A struggle. A consistent journey toward a greater knowledge of myself, my truth, my path and revealed through a process in which my pain is contained.”

Taryn provides one-on-one consultation and ongoing private tuition in her Rainbow Bay Studio as well as hand-picked global destinations for a week-long WANDERLuxe Wellness Experience, inviting you to immerse in Yoga – reconnect, rebalance, relax and come together with like minded people.
With a passion for sharing her love of yoga and travel, Taryn spends months abroad each year igniting her spirit for practice and has used this knowledge to develop the WANDERLuxe Yoga experience to create truly remarkable havens.
“WANDERLuxe Yoga will take you on a journey to beautiful locations for bespoke wellness experiences.”

Wanderluxe Yoga web here
Insta : @wanderluxe_yoga


Gertrude Street Yoga – Fitzroy

Similar to Creature Yoga in Byron, my other favourite place to reconnect is here at Gertrude Street Yoga in the heart of grunge and hipster land – Fitzroy. 
This area of town is King for cafe culture, bars, pubs and then the parallels: health food shops and Yoga.
Pictured Annie Belcher, is one very inspiring Yoga Teacher.
Every class she shares little pearls of wisdom, instilled from her studies in Psychology. These thoughts are always profound and movement based or deeply hypnotic. When these thoughts are peppered into her flow – you can’t help but be in the moment of her creation.
Annie teaches a strong, slow Vinyasa flow, whilst drawing on elements of Iyengar, with an emphasis on breath and technique.
Studio owner Hannah Campos is another teacher I love; her classes move with a strong fluid flow. She shares a similar technique to Annie, imparting knowledge and connecting to heart, breath and spirit.
The GSY timetable is diverse and has a hugely talented team of teachers at many hours of the day. Each teacher is uniquely inspiring; I have so many favourites here!
The Studio is an old Dame of a Heritage building with glorious antique wooden floorboards, rustic brick walls; and with two studios each uplifting in its own way. I’m particularly fond of the top floor arched-window Studio which looks down on Gertrude Street below. As this busy city breathes, with distant sounds of the trams, it has an edge of bohemia that takes me back to Paris.
It is a pleasure to practise in this Studio:
Gertrude Street Yoga here


Yoga Village – Potts Point

Yoga+Village+NadiaDarlinghurst’s Yoga Village was born in 2011 as a reaction to the growing number of large gym-like yoga classes in Sydney. Nadia Rihani [pictured] Yoga Village’s founder, saw the need to develop a Yoga Community and a studio that still offered fun, dynamic sequences but in a more intimate setting within which students could be offered a genuine student/teacher relationship, one within which the student could flourish. Nadia felt that this was even more important to find because a moment of solitude is so rare in the bustling Sydney city. She strongly believes that we are capable of doing a lot more than what we first think and that our main limitations are mental, not physical. Through her own practice Nadia experienced the truth in that regular yoga practice will bring freedom to both mind and body by unlocking our hidden emotions and abilities.
I have also enjoyed the classes of
Claire Obeid & Cora Geroux.

Yoga Village web here

YOGA BC – Sydney harbour

[sadly since this was written, Waran has closed his studio, where did you go? Perhaps he is still teaching somewhere in Sydney?]

Originally from San Diego, California, Waran Karl  [pictured] worked profesionally in Los Angeles and New York as a singer/dancer. He began studies in Astanga in 1991 at the Open Center in Tribeca, NY. His yoga studies continued through his time living in Hawaii, New Zealand and Australia. He evolved over to Hatha as a more tempered practice that suited his free-flowing style that smiles and moves like a dance. A sense of humour and lightness are the key to his teaching style that can be both dynamic and strong, yet fluid and graceful. He is a fully-qualified teacher of Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga and Primordial Sound Meditation.
The view from the Yoga BC studio is without a doubt one of the worlds best, Sydney Harbour overlooking the Woolloomooloo Finger Wharf & the botanical gardens on the otherside.

Maintain that Driste… concentrate!


The Yoga Vine – Perth City

the yoga vine
The Yoga Vine is run by Donna Buchanan and Kate Taylor bringing together their passion for Yoga, Health and Community in the heart of Perth. They aim to make Yoga accessible to everyone to enhance health & wellbeing, and offer two mid-day time-slots of 45 minute classes, perfect for the City workers on their lunch break, weekly.
I took a class with Donna, whose classes weave  Vinyasa Flow with traditional Ashtanga, drawing inspiration from the many teachers she has met along her journey.  It was a large class with varying abilities.  It is quite the skill to be able to teach to all levels, keeping it challenging for some, and not too daunting for others. Donna has a beautiful warmth & grace.

The Yoga Vine web here

throughout Australia

[and wherever you find Lululemon world wide]

I have attended numerous free community classes throughout Australia, in Adelaide, Perth & Brisbane Cities.  They tend to hold these classes on a Sunday morning, but check out your local city’s Lululemon store & get on their community events page.  The best thing is these classes are always well attended, so if you are new to Yoga you can benefit from trying a class free of charge, & find out if you like it, with others of similar curiosity.. And you might even squeeze in a little shopping afterwards for that new Yoga outfit, you’ll be needing now!
Find your local Lululemon store 

– U S A –

L A, California

YogaWorks – Santa Monica

The original YogaWorks studio was founded on Montana Ave in 1987, and has been home to some of the most influential yoga teachers in America. Their studio has that quintessential Southern California feel with flowing indoor/outdoor spaces filled with relaxed students lounging about enjoying the ocean breeze. I took a class with Vinnie, [at the Main St studio]. His soundtrack of cool 70’s tunes blared from the speakers as he led us through our intense vinyasa’s. The class was packed, mat to mat, & true to their claim of ‘roaming celebrities on the streets nearby’, Helen Hunt was enjoying her Saturday morning ritual on her mat, sweating it out, with the common people! Vinnie [Marino] was also made famous by the Yoga Girl video clip by FogandSmog – “Hey Yoga Girl – When you do your Chattaranga do your toes curl?”  Who give special thanks to Vinnie Marino and all the good people at YogaWorks Main Street Santa Monica, on their website.
See Yoga Girl clip here and YogaWorks web here

YAS – Venice Beach

YAS- Venice Beach
“A hybrid fitness movement combining Yoga and indoor cycling, YAS is for people who value their health, fitness and time. A smart combination of cardio, strength training, stretching and alignment, YAS is a succinct and balanced solution to all your fitness needs.” says their website. [They have four locations]
I took a few classes here, skipped the spinning & went to the scheduled Yoga For Athletes classes. The teachers were great, leading us through a sequential routine with specific Yoga poses, although each teacher injects their own energy into it. Their timetable has a huge number of classes per day. The studio is stunning, old brick, polished wooden floors & high ceilings, in the conveniently awesome location of Abbot Kinney Blvd; great shopping, coffee, food, restaurants & drinking haunts, all await post-class.

– N E W  Y O R K, NY –

Stanton Street Yoga

I had the pleasure of a class with two of the finest teachers at Stanton St Yoga. Pepper Monroe [top] and Dhyana Masla [bottom], [Dhyana’s sister also teaches here, & I’m sure she is equally amazing; it must run in the gene’s!] Dhyana’s exquisite vocabulary leads you on an exotic trance-like state of being, guided into the very core of your inner soul. You sense perhaps she has walked the Earth before, so wise beyond her years, so confidently self-assured, yet so at ease, calm, beautiful, relaxed… all that you desire in a Yoga teacher, plus a lovely flowing sequence that challenged.  And Pepper… what a treat, she laughs with you & at herself is so sweet & nurturing, funny, great music; even a song dedication to help us through the discomfort of pigeon pose! I loved her sincereness when she was explaining the benefits of the pose, all the rewards it held for us… then summed it up with: “some great shit” So New York! The studio at Stanton Street Yoga is a calm serene space, away from the crazy hustle & bustle of the Lower East Side, beyond its’ doors.  And best of all you can stay in apartments above the studio, at The Sanctuary Guest Suites, Stanton Street. We stayed in the Hanuman Suite, and loved every minute of our stay, in a self-contained apartment, complete with a kitchen & patio. Let us know if you need any further advise about your stay here… it will make your visit to NYC!
Website for Stanton Street Yoga here

– M E X I C O –

Tulum, Quintana Roo

Tulum is a stunning beach strip located on the Riviera Maya.  Right between the pristine blue ocean and the emerald green tropical forests and jungles, it is nature in all its splendor.  This town offers an abundance of Yoga, both as accommodation/retreat options or to wander into or even take a class on the white sandy beaches for some sunrise salutations.

Yoga Shala Tulum

Yoga Shala offers more styles and classes than any other studio in Tulum. We offer traditional Hatha for those looking to let the prana revitalise their bodies and for those who are willing to try something new, they can work on their confidence in Astanga or deepen their practice with kriyas and mediation through Kundalini yoga. You can explore the different schools of yoga and find which one suits you best – (This info from their web)
We visited Tulum in June 2013 & took a class with Teacher Adriana in Vinyasa style. Directions & website for Yoga Shala Tulum

Maya Tulum Yoga


Maya Tulum Yoga has two Yoga Shala’s. The class I attended was with Teacher Sem Yazem – Hip Opening. It was held in their small yoga hall (as it is their off-season in June) which was a beautiful high ceilinged space, with the traditional palapa roof, overlooking their well maintained gardens & carefully groomed sands outside.  Sem leads a challenging class with a lot of detail to correct alignment & lots of anatomical focus on muscles & joints. I didn’t have the opportunity to attend Alessandra Montanas class but a friend who visited Tulum loved her, so if you get a chance, squeeze her into your busy schedule of beach, swims, cocktails, visiting ancient ruins… ahhh such is the life on the Mayan beaches of Tulum.
Visit Maya Tulum Yoga  web for directions and information.

Shambala Yoga Tulum
Shambala Yoga has to be the most glorious studio in the world, set right on the beach, with a view of the sparkling turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean. Palapa thatched roof above, white washed floor boards below, & ceiling to floor french windows, open to allow the gentle breeze & sound of the Ocean enter. Somewhat distracting whilst you’re trying to set your driste in a balance pose, but in the best way! Caroline Graham-Wood [pictured] teaches a mindful, conscious but strong and challenging style of vinyasa flow, with attention to breath and alignment. Caroline’s training comes from the style of Quantum Yoga, taught by Lara Baumann in the UK.  Caroline believes yoga is a way of life that has the power to make us kinder, more patient, more loving and full of grounded peace. Shambala Yoga web here

Images via each studios web or facebook.
Top 2 image’s : Danni Bonnor & Taryn Vinson
Wanderluxe Yoga
by Handsome Citizens

*These musings are inspired by the unique experiences of Tracee Annetts – @HandsomeCitizens. We hope you feel similarly, however Yoga is a deeply personal practice, so each individual may desire different philosophies. We’d love you to leave comments below if you have other recommendations or experiences with any of our favourites mentioned. This was originally written on July 25 2013, and recently edited April 7th 2016. Please check each studios’ website for up-to-date schedules and teacher advise.
Namaste x  T

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